Radios DMR pour les entreprises de service public (en anglais)

Tait introduces DMR Tier 3

Your customers rely on your utility to keep their lights on. You need a digital radio platform that will help you reduce outages, manage renewables, improve grid reliability and meet ultra-narrowbanding requirements while ensuring your assets and staff are protected and performing optimally whatever the conditions. DMR Tier 3 is the no compromise digital trunked radio platform for electricity utilities. It is the right platform for building a fully connected and secure enterprise with improved voice, data, location services and vehicle telemetry communications.

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White Paper

Modernize Your Grid

In this paper, we will look at the rapidly-changing business environments that utilities face, where the issues reside, what must change and why. We will see some successful use cases, how forward-thinking organizations are making the transition, and the very significant return on investments these changes delivered.

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Top 5 reasons to buy Tait DMR Tier 3

Business outcomes of DMR for Utilities

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Building a digital business

The DMR Tier 3 platform is the digital radio solution for utilities planning to build a fully connected digital enterprise. DMR Tier 3 will support business applications that will transform utility management.

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Worker safety

DMR Tier 3 provides market leading voice and data performance with improved coverage and reliability to help you manage and improve the safety of utility workers under the most demanding conditions.

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Business and workforce efficiency

DMR Tier 3 supports the deployment of cutting edge business applications that will provide real time intelligence and control of remote workers and assets to drive future improvements in efficiency.

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Operational security

The DMR Tier 3 platform supports transmission encryption, network user authentication and conversation privacy making it the no compromise digital radio solution for maintaining secure utility operations.

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Network performance and reliability

The DMR Tier 3 digital platform delivers analogue equivalent coverage, with built-in fail soft functionality and dynamic channel assignment to ensure market leading network performance and reliability.

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Ease of migration

The DMR Tier 3 digital radio platform fits into existing conventional radio channels and sites to provide a seamless migration path to digital radio for utilities on analogue radio systems.

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