Network Management System (NMS) solution

Comprehensively managing your communications network is a complex task. You need to:

  • balance day-to-day operations with scheduled maintenance
  • respond to emergencies and have the foresight and strategies to guard against them
  • monitor and analyze performance and report to stakeholders.

To do this, you need tools that add control, not complexity. Take control of your communications network with a Tait Network Management System.

Monitor and manage your communications network

Your communications network is business and mission critical for your organization and a comprehensive management system will ensure it runs smoothly.

By implementing a Tait Network Management System (NMS) you will:

  • optimize usage and loading on your network
  • minimise the impact of any issues on your customers
  • maintain and upgrade the network and its terminals to ensure that issues are fixed before problems occur - or before users are affected.

Tait Network Management Systems and services give you visibility and control to monitor and manage your network, and identify strategic improvements so you can respond to emergencies efficiently.

Keep your communications network secure

The communications network faces security threats of all shapes and sizes — from terrorist attacks to small-scale local damage such as trespass or vandalism. Tait helps protect your physical critical infrastructure as well as the data and voice messages you send over your networks.

Tait radio networks encrypt your data and voice communications and support comprehensive access control. You can meet obligations for Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) or cyber security such as NERC CIP (North American Electrical Reliability Corporation Critical Infrastructure Protection). You can also ensure privacy when your workforce handles sensitive information.

The Tait Network Management system provides integrated tools for key management and key distribution, ensuring your network is not only secure at installation but is kept secure during its entire lifetime.

Report the performance of your communications network and measure your KPIs

Reporting has moved beyond keeping track of resources and monitoring outages. Tait Network Management Systems provide detailed, customized performance reporting. With Tait solutions, you can analyze the communications network in detail. You can optimize your operations with business intelligence techniques and demonstrate your return on investment (ROI), ensuring you keep track of performance against your critical KPIs.

Reduce the operational cost of your communications network

Tait makes your hardware configuration and deployment straightforward. You can program, update, manage encryption and control terminals over the air — avoiding the costly need to visit each device in person. You can manage access and encryption remotely. The Tait Network Management System uses industry-standard SNMP managers identical to those used for IT networks. Tait Network Management Systems integrate with your legacy hardware. You can manage your network yourself or use Tait Network Management services with regular reporting of agreed performance indicators. Tait offers future-proof solutions, underwritten by support services and long-term commitments to your organization.

> Tait Network Management System

Tait Network Management System Diagram: A Tait diagram showing the different assets and network elements that are integrated in Tait’s Network Management System (NMS) to allow your organization to monitor and manage your communications network. These elements include critical infrastructure, terminals, IP links feeding into the Element Manager. The NMS solution provides Reporting, Alarms, a Document Manager, Over-the-Air Programming, and Over-the-Air Rekeying and the entire NMS system is protected by authentication access and encryption tools.