Solutions pour les entreprises de service public (en Anglais)

Tait has gained an intimate knowledge of the business drivers of utilities around the world. The wireless communication solutions designed by Tait are targeted towards improving your business.

Whether you want to increase the reliability of your Grid or improve the safety of your workforce or the general public, Tait solutions will support this.

All Tait solutions are scalable and expandable, allowing you to make a phased introduction and maximize the usage of legacy equipment while managing cost and risk.

Tait will also provide a migration path from your current communication system to the new system that offers continued service delivery.

Workforce communication

A Tait workforce communication solution will support you in providing:

  • Worker safety
  • Worker efficiency
  • Voice communications

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Combined voice and data networks

Tait solutions provide:

  • IP data
  • Vehicle tracking data
  • Voice
  • CIP (Critical Infrastructure Protection)
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Network Management System

Tait offers a comprehensive Network Management System that provides:

  • Operation and administration
  • (Preventative) maintenance
  • Provisioning
  • Security management
  • Extensive reporting
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Distribution automation

A Smart Grid enables:

  • SAIDI and SAIFI improvements
  • Carbon reduction
  • Improved safety
  • Improved control
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