Avantages commerciaux (en Anglais)

Tait Solutions are designed to support an efficient and cost-effective operation of your business. An indication of the business outcomes provided by Tait solutions is given below.

Multi-purpose networks

It is no longer required to have separate networks for voice communication, data communication and distribution automation. Tait network solutions combine mobile voice and data services with fixed data services on the same network. All terminals in the network will utilize the same backbone, thus providing simplified and cost-effective network management.

End–to-End IP communications allow scalability and industry-standard interfacing and network management tools. You will no longer require a dedicated radio team to manage your network, and your IT department can concentrate on core, strategic infrastructure.

If you support other organisations or businesses on your network, Tait can provide the required interoperability. Tait provides P25 solutions that meet the utilities' needs as well as the interoperability requirements of the public safety market.

Increased employee safety

Improving health and safety of the workforce is part of the duty of care, and legal obligations, as well as safety codes like IEEE’s National Electric Safety Code (NESC), which need to be met. Tait delivers mission-critical networks that provide voice communications up to the outer edges of your network. The new digital technologies provide excellent coverage and the quality of service remains superior throughout the whole network.

Emergency features such as Lone Worker and priority signalling allow your workforce to send distress signals in n emergency. Location services provided by mobiles in the vehicles, as well as the portable devices, provide a critical safety feature for your workforce letting you know at all times where your crew is located.

Network management allows you to monitor network activity; if your crew has not made contact for a defined period of time, an alarm can be raised and a call initiated to check on the safety of the crew.

Improve your SAIDI and SAIFI

A Tait communications network provides a large amount of information that allows you to monitor the Grid to improve reliability and achieve better SAIDI results:

  • Fixed data terminals can be integrated to provide two-way communication to Remote Terminal Units (RTU), Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC), and sensors in your network
  • Alarms for temperature, humidity or intruder detection can be integrated
  • Weather information can be integrated in the data system, and if a remote area does not have a weather station, one can be installed with a fixed data module that links into the Tait network

Tait can link this information into your existing Distribution Automation applications or provide applications in cooperation with the software partner you prefer.

Extensive monitoring of your Grid will give you insight into the status of the network and will allow for outage prevention. In the event of an outage it allows you to isolate the fault thus reducing impact as well as narrowing down the location of the fault allowing for a fast response. Web reporting can be used to inform your customers of the outage and progress on restoration.

Your customer satisfaction will improve significantly through the reduced number of outages and real-time updates on outage resolution.

Reduced response times

Workforce management applications integrated into the Tait communication solutions allow you to efficiently allocate your workforce when outages occur. The location services for persons (APL, Automatic Person Location) and vehicles (AVL, Automatic Vehicle Location) will inform you where the nearest crew to the outage is located and priority jobs can then be sent over the network to this crew.

Tait will provide the integration of your workforce management application and outage management systems into the network solution to ensure a seamless operating system.

Capex and Opex reductions

Where possible, Tait will re-use or expand your existing system, thus minimizing the capital cost and providing a phased upgrade to a new, full-featured solution.

Extensive network management will provide remote diagnostics of the network. Integrated remote programming and upgrade functionality allows management of the network components remotely and by groups, instead of individual management.

The Network Management System also allows for asset management and remote network configuration for improved manpower efficiency. Remote network configuration is not related to manpower so the network can be optimized for specific circumstances.

Compliance with Critical Infrastructure Protection regulations

Tait networks will provide authentication and access control mechanisms that allow utilities to comply with Critical Infrastructure Protection requirements. The Network Management System (NMS) will offer the definition of user classes, thus defining what programming tasks each user can perform on the network. The NMS also provides full traceability of changes performed for auditing purposes.

CIP requirements are constantly evolving and Tait is committed to continuous updating of the NMS facilities to meet ongoing compliance.