Avantages commerciaux


Tait solutions offer considerable business benefits, including:

Improved timetable compliance

On-time service is vital to retaining the provider contract and the confidence of the travelling public. With AVL combined with instant, interactive voice, dispatchers can manage larger fleets because of their improved visibility of fleet vehicles are at all times. Planners can use data on actual running times and static times to justify changes to make schedules more realistic and effective. Feedback to dispatch, operators and supervisors helps to improve schedule adherence.

Greater operational control

Real-time data and voice communications mean operators can plan and manage their service dynamically in a complex environment. Funding constraints and other demands on public spending drive operators towards clearer accountability and progress against targets. An integrated radio solution can verify day-to-day performance  for better forward planning.  

Effectively manage service interruption

Reliable voice and data networks owned by the operator prove their worth during major incidents, when third party networks can become quickly overwhelmed or disabled. Instant, interactive voice communications can relay the on-the-ground details for a flexible and co-ordinated response.Real-time data transmission allows operators to quickly pinpoint routine problems and efficiently co-ordinate service recovery.

Enhanced environmental performance

In congested urban areas, bus priority lanes have proven benefits. In many towns such as Dublin, where the extra space for lanes is  not available, Traffic Signal Prioritisation (TSP) can save time, fuel and emissions.  Wireless-enabled TSP technology reduces engine idle time and pull-away emissions by allowing buses to maintain a steady speed. A reduction of just 10 seconds per kilometre can result in massive emission and passenger time savings. Industry studies show this reduces nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons and particulates. Delays at signals are reduced, total travel times decreased and on-time arrival improved.

Improved passenger service

Providing real time next-bus predictions to customers reduces uncertainty and customer anxiety, and enhances perceived reliability. Based on Tait fast polling rates, passenger informationmeans:

  • visitors and tourists can make more informed decisions,
  • vulnerable groups, such as disabled people and the elderly can count on the information they see,
  • city dwellers and commuters can increase their public transport use due to the punctuality and reliability of the service.

Reduced total cost of ownership

This has become increasingly important over recent years, as organizations take a longer term view of their expenditure. Tait also takes a long term view, understanding that equipment is expected to last many years. Tait solutions help operators and integrators to protect their investment,  offering:

  • mobiles and portable terminals which are reliable and easy to maintain,
  • remote programming and monitoring,
  • excellent technical support for all solution elements,
  • robust system design and implementation.

Enhanced total value of ownership

Tait recognises the value of operators being in control of their own, dedicated communications networks. Recent world events have shown how, in times of crisis, third party infrastructure becomes overloaded or damaged beyond immediate repair. This can be the very time that transport operators are called upon to assist civil authorities or handle extraordinary demand.

The benefits of self-ownership are:

  • guaranteed access and coverage,
  • predictable, low ongoing costs,
  • control during times of crisis,
  • vehicle to vehicle communications, even if infrastructure is unavailable.