Oman Polypropylene, Sohar, Oman

The customer

Located in the industrial coastal town of Sohar, the Oman Polypropylene Plant (OPP) owns and operates a world class plant that manufactures 340,000 metric tonnes of polypropylene per year.

OPP's shareholders include the Oman Oil Company, the LG International Corporation and Gulf Investment Corporation.

OPP is located midway between Muscat and Dubai, therefore ensuring easy accessibility by both land and sea to make the products available at short notice and at competitive rates. OPP has gained an international presence due to the world class docking and loading facilities it uses at the Sohar harbour in Oman.

The challenge

OPP required a wireless radio systems solution that would ensure reliable communications for their operational, maintenance, safety and security needs with the ability for future expansion. In addition, they needed a system that had capability to make radio-to-radio, group and emergency calls. A PABX/ telephone system interface was also a key necessity of the system. OPP also sought training for their maintenance engineers to ensure that they were fully equipped to respond immediately to any reprogramming requirements.

The solution

Tait along with its authorized dealer in Oman, Electroman LLC, worked together to provide a complete trunked radio system for OPP. Tait looked after the design, supply, testing and commissioning of the system, and were supported by Electroman, who carried out the installation and continue to offer technical and after-sales support of the system and to OPP.

The Tait solution complied with all of OPP's technical requirements. Its superior product quality and ability to provide a complete system solution, combined with the long-term association and experience of Electroman's local support saw it win the OPP tender over other radio communication providers. Tait provided training sessions to employees at OPP and also assisted with defining the numbering scheme and working groups to suit OPP's requirements.

The outcome

OPP can now enjoy superb audio quality and reliable radio communications with the added advantage of their maintenance engineers having the ability to respond to technical issues as needed.

Commit with confidence

Some of the largest and most complex organizations in the world are putting their trust in trunked solutions because the benefits are proven: control, efficiency and cost-effectiveness.