Communications Solutions for Transport Operations

White Paper

Advantages and Disadvantages of Current Digital Radio Standards

This positioning paper will provide a summarized comparison of the current digital technologies outlining the advantages and disadvantages for each of them. The technologies compared are DMR, dPMR, TETRA, TETRAPOL, P25, NXDN and Opensky.

Client Story

Nottingham City Transport, England

With a fleet of 320 vehicles Nottingham City Transport (NCT) carries just over one million passengers covering 230,000 miles in a week.

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Why Tait?

A Tait Communication solution is the glue that links your entire transportation network together. We can unify your networks to meet your voice and data needs to ensure your people keep moving.

There are many benefits to partnering with Tait to meet your communication needs. With over 45 years of global experience in providing both business and mission critical communications for private and public organizations, Tait understands the technical challenges and business issues you face. We've worked with transport agencies with 100 busses and others with 10,000 busses. No matter what your size, we have a solution that is the right fit for you.

Explore the benefits of working with Tait below:

Business Benefits

We recognise that communications solutions and services are critical for you to achieve your business goals. We keep these goals in mind when we design our offerings. Tait communications solutions are designed to help you:

Technical Benefits

Tait has a hard-won reputation for product and engineering excellence. Learn the many technical benefits Tait can offer you by clicking here.

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