National Security

Communications Solutions for National Security

Effective, reliable communications are at the heart of any national security or defense-related organization's ability to operate.

These organizations demand radio communications that deliver a wide range of features and services, and that can be customized according to their unique requirements - whether it's an army training ground covering a wide area of mountainous terrain, or a small operations base in a large urban area.

Tait has been meeting these varying requirements for national security organizations worldwide for many years.

We have become a leading global supplier of non-combat national security solutions for logistics and support purposes, with products in use in the most challenging operational environments.

Tait national security solutions worldwide

Tait has supplied radio communications systems for a number of national security organizations around the world, including:

  • The Australian Department of Defence: for defense training areas across Australia
  • A United States Army contractor: for communications at a defense training facility in Germany
  • A Bangladesh elite police force: for operational communications
  • A South-East Asian army: portables and base stations for operational communications.



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Integrated, interoperable solutions

Tait products are based on open standards such as MPT 1327 trunked, so they can be integrated with a wide range of communications platforms including IP-based networks.

Our products can also interoperate with existing systems, and Tait networks can operate with equipment from a range of suppliers.

Tait encryption - keeping your secrets safe

Tait's analog and digital solutions can be supplied with a range of encryption mechanisms designed to protect against unauthorized listening, hacking, spoofing and masquerading.

A number of encryption algorithms can also be fitted in our products, including customer/country-specific algorithms if required.