Communications Solutions for Local Government

Local government and public service organizations are the lifeblood of any community, with responsibility for the operation and maintenance of a wide range of services including parks and sports centers, waste management, sanitation, public works, roads and educational facilities.

Tait understands that these organizations require reliable and flexible communications to carry out their day-to-day duties with maximum efficiency. We also recognise that local governments have a crucial role to emergencies, disasters and other unforeseen circumstances that can occur.

Tait's mobile communications solutions allow public service and local government teams and workgroups to quickly communicate vital information to the right people, at the right time. We offer flexible and reliable solutions that can cope with the demands of local governments covering large rural areas, as well as densely-populated urban environments.

Citywide to nationwide communications solutions

Tait has the experience, skills and expertise to deliver effective public services communications solutions for organizations throughout the world. We have built a wide range of voice and data networks for local authorities and public services - from multi-channel, multi-site TaitNet MPT 1327 trunked systems for local authorities to TaitNet QS² simulcast systems for large city councils.

Worldwide solutions

  • Our TaitNet QS² simulcast solution for Durban Metropolitan Council (case study pdf) in South Africa provides reliable wide area radio communications covering 2,000 square kilometres.
  • In the US, the Town of Oyster Bay (case study pdf) in Long Island, New York uses a TaitNet QS system so staff in road construction, waste management and shoreline services can communicate over a wide area.
  • City of McMinnville in the US is using a 4-site, 22-channel TaitNet MPT 1327 trunked system as communications for its fire department and council services. This is integrated with a Zetron console system, that provides an E911 interface for emergency calls from the public.
  • New Zealand's Fleetlink (case study pdf) public access mobile radio network covers 95% of New Zealand's population, and is used by public services organizations such as councils and community facilities throughout the country.



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