Tait UnifyVoice: Seamless Roaming across networks

Tait is building a network of networks and creating devices that can roam seamlessly, increasing your coverage and minimizing downtime.

Many of our users carry both a smartphone and a portable radio, and we have brought them together in a unique and exciting way through UnifyVoice.

Smartphones are great for their broadband data capabilities, but because they typically depend on a public network, they can get crowded or lose coverage in rural areas. Radios are typically on private networks and have great wide-area coverage, but sometimes struggle in buildings that have energy efficient glass, thick concrete walls or parking garages.

Tait innovation has brought communications together to form a network of networks, giving users the best possible coverage. Future versions of UnifyVoice will connect users seamlessly to radio, cellular, and wifi networks. When a user pushes the push-to-talk button, intelligent UnifyVoice software will automatically detect the best available network and connect the user.

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How it works

Suppose a user entered an area with poor cell coverage. When they push the PTT button, they will connect through the radio that is now sitting on their belt.

But let's suppose a front-line office loses radio coverage by walking into a large parking garage that has cellular coverage. When they press the PTT button on their radio, the smart software from Tait will automatically connect them to the cellular network via their smartphone.

Instead of pulling out their cell phone, unlocking the screen, closing out the app that was already open, scrolling through contacts, and then making a call, users simply press one button on the Tait Radio or SmartMicrophone, an interface they are already familiar with.

The best part? This transition happens seamlessly, with no loss of transmission even during active calls. If users begin speaking while connected through the radio, but then lose signal, the call will automatically switch to cellular with no loss of the conversation.

By bringing multiple networks together, Tait will increase the coverage and availability for all mission-critical users cost effectively. And this is just the beginning.

Seamless Roaming across networks