Tait UnifyVoice: Future Capabilities

Tait is investing in the future of UnifyVoice, and there numerous exicting features on the way.

Mission-Critical users often tell us that they have trouble unlocking their phone with a lengthy pass code. This requires more time with their eyes down on a device and away from the environment. So we thought, if we can connect the networks together, then why can't we connect the devices together as well?

Therefore, Tait is working on an approach where users simply use their SmartMicrophone to unlock their smartphone.

We're working on other features as well that help keep users' eyes up on the scene.

Imagine seeing a suspicious looking vehicle. Using the SmartMicrophone, connected to a smartphone, users can verbally raise queries such as license plate or person of interest. The phone then searches the database and reports back to the user through the speaker mic using Text to Speech, avoiding the need to tie up precious radio channels and dispatcher time.

We mentioned groups in the UnifyVoice smartphone app video. Soon we can start to control these groups through the SmartMicrophone. So if users wanted to talk to dispatch in the comm center they could press the black button. But if they wanted to talk to an incident-specific group or individual, they could press the blue button. The blue button can be programmed from your phone so you can choose exactly what it does.

Other future capabilities could include integrating video capabilities to initiate video streaming from a camera, and to tag incident specific information to both the voice and video streams simultaneously to improve evidence gathering and compliance.

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