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We work with public safety agencies to design and deliver critical communications solutions that work within the challenging environments they face, while also providing the following benefits:

Improve Officer Safety

From robust hardware packed with safety features to integrated software and solutions, Tait has a wide range of offerings that enhance user safety in the moments officers need it most.

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Better Efficiency

Reliable, smart communications solutions from Tait help officers get more done while on the go, keeping them away from their desk and out on the streets serving their communities.

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Stay Connected

From our reliable core network to our innovative solution platforms and unparalleled coverage design, Tait offers ways to keep officers connected like never before, ensuring they have total confidence in their communications while on patrol.

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Easy Network Management

Tait management tools place control of your entire radio network in the palm of your hand, allowing you to manage, monitor, protect, and report on every aspect of your network from a central point of control.

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Featured client story

Carroll County, TN

Carroll County, Tennessee covers an area of over 600 square miles, with the sheriff's office and fire department handling fire, traffic and emergency calls across the largely rural country. Operating an old analog network gave personnel unreliable communications, creating areas where there was no communication at all. See how choosing a Tait network exceeded the departments' expectations and remedied their safety issues.

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Featured Product

P25 Phase 1 & Phase 2

For over 50 years, we have invested in delivering superior P25 solutions for public safety agencies that are robust, interoperable, and secure. With a range of both P25 Phase 1 and Phase 2 open standard-based offerings, we can provide a complete, customized, end-to-end solution to meet your unique needs.

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Featured Application


Tait UnifyVoice provides both frontline and administrative staff with enhanced access to instant communication by providing Push-to-Talk (PTT) capability for anyone, anywhere, at any time. Users automatically connect through the strongest available network using the interface they are already familiar with, ensuring everyone stays connected at all times.

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