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We help Resource and Energy operations improve worker safety and drive up efficiency. Learn more about how we help by exploring the following solutions.

Drive Up Efficiency

Reliable communications are required for continuous and efficient mining, oil & gas operations. Tait voice and data applications work together to keep your resource organization producing.

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Increase Worker Safety

Worker Safety is a top priority for mining, oil & gas operations around the world. Keeping them connected and informed is key to a safe and efficient workplace. Learn how applications and features like Man Down and Intrinsically Safe can help your organization.

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Migration Solutions

Migrating to digital carries many benefits for Mining, Oil & Gas, but radio system owners need confidence that system upgrades will be completed smoothly, on time, on budget and without disruption to system availability. Tait expertise, knowledge, and products can help ensure you experience an easy migration.

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Operational security

Cyber-crime and terrorism are growing security challenges that resource organizations must address.

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NSW, Australia

Bengalla Mining Company

The Bengalla Mining Company required an upgrade of their radio communication system. The previous system created a number of frustrations for the mine's growing operations, the most prominent being communication black spots.

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Bengalla Mining Company
Featured Product

DMR Tier 3 Radio Networks

Tait Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) Tier 3 is a digital communications platform that delivers workforce efficiencies and operational benefits for Mining, Oil and Gas agencies. With Intrinsically Safe portables available, this narrowband technology can carry both voice and data, so you can achieve more with your radio network than ever before.

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Featured Application


Tait UnifyVehicle supercharges the performance of a new or existing Tait mobile radio by loading it with more connectivity, computing power, and applications. By creating a network of networks, UnifyVehicle ensures users are connected anytime, anywhere. The customizable platform enables you to load it with applications specific to the needs of your organization, offering increased safety, efficiency, and more.

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