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We partner with interoperability experts to provide seamless, unified mission critical communications solutions.

The Cisco IP Interoperability and Collaboration System (IPICS) is a complete IP-based dispatch and incident response solution loaded with capabilities. Cisco IPICS gives your existing communications equipment new capabilities, and is a scalable, cost-effective way for public safety and security personnel to communicate quickly and reliably using any desktop or mobile device.

The IPICS solution enables our clients to continue using their existing radio and communications systems while gaining the inherent benefits of IP networks, which include resiliency, scalability, and management using widely available skills and tools. Radio traffic from existing radio systems can travel over existing IP networks just like any other kind of voice, video, or data traffic.

Cisco IPICS delivers:

  • Integration with almost any analog or digital radio system for dynamic any-to-any push-to-talk (PTT) communications.
  • High availability so that there is no single point of failure.
  • IP-based dispatch console features that dispatchers expect, plus rich-media incident management and real-time collaboration between dispatchers and responders.
  • Cisco Instant Connect which enables enterprise Push-to-Talk (PTT) for group communications using Cisco IP Phones, Cisco Unified Wireless IP Phones, and Android devices.
  • Cisco IPICS Mobile Client which enables users to collaborate with other incident participants.
  • Cisco IPICS IP-Phone Client which enables personnel to use Cisco Unified IP phones to collaborate with other personnel on radio push-to-talk channels.
  • Cisco IPICS Server which manages radio, talk groups, channel, and media resources; authenticate users; and define policies.
  • Cisco Unified Media Service which mixes audio from multicast and Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) streams and broadcasts it back to other multicast and SIP streams.
  • IP Command Touch Screen Console which unifies voice, video, data, and radio communications in a sturdy, easy-to-use desktop device. 

White Paper

Utilities Guide: Digital Radio Standards Guide for Utilities

This guide provides utility organizations with a technical introduction to currently available open standard, digital technologies. For utility organizations seeking to replace existing networks, or considering an initial purchase of a communication solution using land mobile radio (LMR), this guide will seek to inform those decisions.

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