Optimize your network and save energy

Tait's unique DMR based GridLink distribution automation system allows you to proactively resolve issues in your network before they escalate into serious problems. Moving from reactive maintenance to proactive maintenance will save you time and keep your network optimized.

Clear visibility of your grid also means you can quickly identify areas where energy is being wasted. You can fix many of these issues remotely, reconfiguring switches to load balance, optimizing Volt/VAR, or more discretely managing feeders, assets and resources. With better grid management, it is easier to ensure that your budgeted asset life cycles are realized and avoid premature equipment failure or replacement.

Beyond usage is the supply of energy, and the changing mix of renewables, the lack of predictability in terms of where they will come into the system or when. If managing the grid was difficult before, it will be nearly impossible without greater visibility and control. The GridLink solution can enable the dispatching of renewables, or the disconnection when they introduce instability. As long as these energy assets are deployed within the DMR Tier III coverage area, GridLink can help you affordably integrate, monitor, and protect the system from distributed energy resources.

In the future, utilities will need to adapt to even more dynamic energy resources. Consider that an electric vehicle could supply energy to the grid as easily as it can recharge from it, or the fact that the batteries that power electric vehicles will one day power energy storage devices for industrial, commercial, and residential consumers.

Balancing the load and the energy from distributed resources will require reliable, wide area communications that provide continuous grid visibility and control to operators. With the right balance, the energy system can optimize, eliminate peaks, and reduce the cost while increasing the reliability of energy for generations to come.

Calculate the benefits of voltage optimization that Tait GridLink can provide your utility by using our unique Conservation Voltage Reduction Benefits Calculator.

Solution Diagram

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