Improved grid reliability and resilience

Delivering power reliably and safely is a constant challenge for electric distribution utilities. The diverse and remote terrains that utilities operate across pose reliability and resilience challenges for their distribution network. Improving their grid visibility and control over their distribution network is a key priority.

Grid managers around the world have leveraged various types of communications to connect distribution line infrastructure and substations to their Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems. However, large parts of distribution grids remain invisible to operators and are not monitored or managed due to the challenges of connecting them.

Providing data communication for Distribution Automation (DA) in areas with a low density of pole top and pad mount transformers, reclosers, and capacitor banks is commercially challenging. Fibre optics are generally uneconomic. In rural areas cellular coverage can be too inconsistent, unreliable, and a security risk for mission critical SCADA communications.

Improving electricity grid intelligence with real time centralized monitoring and control of grid assets is now simple and affordable to achieve with wide area radio based DA systems that bring the transformers and reclosers into the central SCADA system.

Tait GridLink employs wide area, trunked digital radio coverage to deliver a DA solution that is highly economic, reliable, and secure. It provides visibility and control of your entire grid. During storms, when trees are laying across the power lines, the ability to detect, isolate, and restore energy around the fault not only saves time and money, it save lives and reduces outage durations.

Tait's world leading GridLink solution is designed to deliver new value to our customers, through secure, reliable, mission critical voice and data services.

Calculate the benefits of Remote Asset Management and reducing truck rolls that Tait GridLink can provide your utility by using our unique Fault Detection, Isolation and Service Restoration Benefits Calculator.

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