Tait GridLink: Delivering Distribution Automation over your wide-area radio network

Total grid visibility dramatically reduces truck rolls.

Utility organizations recognize the benefits of Distribution Automation: improving efficiency, optimized incident response, reduced system downtime. What smart utilities are also realizing is that all these business changing benefits can be efficiently delivered across the entire grid over a Tait DMR radio network.

Distribution Automation (DA) solution for utility organizationsClick image to enlarge

While the benefits of distribution automation are clear, it is rarely used in rural or suburban areas due to the high cost of rolling out hard wired solutions, such as fibre optics. Cellular coverage is too spotty in low population areas and can fail during emergency or weather events. To deploy Distribution Automation over a wide area, electric utilities need a bearer that can cover long distances affordably and at the same time provide mission-critical reliability.

Tait Gridlink solves both of these problems. This innovative solution utilizes the mission critical, trunked voice and data DMR network. This means it offers excellent and extensive coverage at a very low cost and it is built with resiliency at its core.

With Tait GridLink one mission critical network carries both your workforce voice and grid data. It's the intelligent solution that some of the world's largest networks are choosing.

Calculate the benefits that Tait GridLink can provide your utility by using our unique Benefits Calculator.

Business Benefits

One network for mission critical voice and machine-to-machine data When you upgrade your voice network, choose the critical voice communications platform that also supports wide area distribution automation. Save money on network infrastructure and maintenance time by unifying your critical communications with Tait DMR. Learn more about a Tait Voice and Data network Quantifiable improvements to workforce efficiency With better grid visibility, utilities are able to quickly isolate and resolve many faults remotely. Fewer trucks will need to be sent out, and, when assistance is required, you'll know exactly where to send help. Our unique ROI calculator will help you quantify the business returns on an investment in a DMR Tier III Network and GridLink Solution. Learn more about how GridLink improves workforce efficiency Improved grid reliability and resilience GridLink gives grid managers visibility and control of their assets, helping them to predict potential failures and improve reliability and resilience. Improved grid visibility will ensure better SAIDI and CAIDI metrics, improved levels of customer service and lower operating costs. Learn more about improving grid reliability Optimize your network and save energy Electricity grid control enables utilities to balance load, optimize Volt/VAR, and integrate renewables, all of which improve power delivery effectiveness. With better load management, it is easier to ensure that your budgeted asset life cycles are realized and avoid premature equipment failure or replacement. Learn more about network optimization

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