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Our customers work hard to keep communities safe, lights on, and cities running around the world. We understand that each industry faces its own set of unique challenges, so we listen to and work with organizations to create customized solutions that meet their specific needs.

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Tait offers integrated voice and data communications solutions that improve workforce efficiency and safety, while delivering cost-effective business outcomes. Our products and services help you get more from your network, reduce risk, and cut down on system outages, helping your organization keep the lights on.

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Law Enforcement & Police

Tait provides law enforcement and police organizations with scalable, open standard-based solutions that are secure, robust, interoperable and proven to perform in mission-critical environments. Our products and services give officers and frontline staff the reliable communications they can depend on during the situations when they need it most.

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Fire & Emergency Response

Tait delivers high-performing, customized solutions that provide uninterrupted, reliable, and resilient emergency communications for first responders. Our wide range of robust products and services give emergency response personnel confidence that they'll have communications when they need them most.

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Tait designs and delivers communications solutions that improve efficiency for public transport organizations and keep both drivers and passengers safe. We offer a wide range of services and products that keep your vehicles and passengers where they belong - en route to their destinations.

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Mining, Oil & Gas

Tait provides integrated communications solutions that improve worker safety and efficiency for some of the world's largest mining, oil, and gas businesses. We offer a range of products and services designed to operate in these extreme, isolated environments with complete reliability and connectivity.

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Security & Defense

Tait offers flexible solutions that are customized to unique requirements to fit challenging operational environments for government, national security, and maritime organizations. We provide a wide range of options that suit all levels of operation, security, and coverage.

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The Tait Approach

Take an inside look at the people and passions that drive our communications innovations forward. Rodney Mackrell, senior design engineer in Usability Design, explains how his team is all about understanding users' unique needs and working closely with them to create better solutions for their organizations.

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