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Vertel, Australia

Vertel is an independent Australian telecommunications carrier specialising in the design, build and operation of next generation network infrastructure and associated services. Vertel provides a range of mobile and fixed network services to government and enterprise all around Australia, including mobile radio, wireless LAN, Carrier Ethernet and Internet services.

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Vertel, Australia

"It is Tait’s proven experience in large scale open standards networks and the depth of local support that makes them the perfect partner for this landmark project. "

Bruce Quail


Vertel has been at the forefront of land mobile radio networks since 1973 providing fully managed two way radio network. Vertel operates TaitNet MPT1327 trunked networks in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia and Western Australia.

Vertel sought to build a national digital network to provide customers with innovation in digital voice and data communications, easy migration and the freedom of choice that a multivendor open standard provides.

Vertel evaluated various digital technologies and selected DMR Tier III digital trunking to provide these benefits. The benefits and features of the DMR Tier III standard simply surpass analogue network capabilities, such as:

  • SMS and email messaging
  • Voice clarity
  • Telephone interconnectivity
  • Data encryption
  • Easy migration and scalability
  • GPS location and tracking
  • Lone worker and man down alarms
  • Data transfer
  • Telemetry functionality
  • Job ticketing and messaging


After rigorous evaluation, Tait has been selected to provide Vertel's DMR Tier III network infrastructure. Tait's genuine support for open standards was a major factor in the selection. Tait will work with Vertel to create a multivendor ecosystem of compatible radios and applications to connect to their DMR Tier III network.

The commitment from Tait and Vertel to open standards is significant. Compared to proprietary digital networks that are limited to a single vendor's products, with the DMR Tier III network customers aren't locked in. The freedom of choice provided to customers for radios and applications will translate into real value from day-one and throughout the life of the investment.

The first phase of this network will be live in early 2015 and will connect 10 sites from Newcastle through Sydney to Wollongong and the surrounding areas. This will grow to a national network of well over 50 sites in the next phase.

A customer's transition to a DMR Tier III network can be seamless when multi-mode radios capable of conventional analogue, MPT, DMR Tier II and DMR Tier III are introduced to a fleet. Customers can manage their costs and embark on a gradual transition with these radios that can access both the old and new networks.

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