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Talquin Electric Cooperative, FL, USA

Talquin Electric is headquartered in Quincy, Florida and serves a 2,600 square mile territory that covers four counties in Northwest Florida. The Electric Co-op works in water, waste water, and electric. They have approximately 190 employees, 110 vehicles, and plenty of radio traffic.

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"Our staff can communicate with one another, and it has improved efficiency. The Tait system has improved the way that we work and the way we communicate with our employees."

Dane Clemons


Talquin had a 30 year old system that was no longer reliable. After their old system was narrowbanded, several of their channels had too much static and could not really be used. This left them with one usable channel. Tracy Bensley, General Manager of Talquin Electric Cooperative, described the issue this way, "With water, waste water, and electric, we need several different channels so we can split those groups up. Not having multiple channels available was a big problem."

Coverage was also a problem, the outskirts of their territory had poor reliability and there were certain areas with no signal at all. Dispatch had trouble connecting with employees, and safety was a concern. Because of these issues, Talquin decided it was time for an upgrade. Dane Clemons, Director of Technology, emphasized the need for reliable communications. 'We need to be at our best when the weather is at its worst."


Talquin partnered with Williams Communications and selected an open standard, Tait DMR Tier 3 solution. The system is composed of 5 sites, 107 mobile radios and 60 portable radios. They increased the number of available channels, allowing dispatch to talk with different teams as needed. Tait also partnered with Avtec to provide consoles that integrated with the DMR Tier 3 system.

New safety features were also part of the Talquin solution. Their radios have man down and lone worker functionality, When coupled with the GPS on each radio, dispatch will know immediately if there is a problem, and know where to send help.


Thanks to increased coverage and clarity and the new safety feature, Talquin Electric has improved communications and efficiency. Dispatch can connect to staff all over their coverage area, and the audio is clear throughout the coverage area. The Avtec Consoles have also been very well received by both Dispatch and the IT department.

Talquin is very happy with their interoperable, open-standard solution as well. Knowing they can communicate with neighboring organizations and their equipment can work with other DMR equipment provides a much simpler future.

Dane Clemons summed things up best, "Our staff can communicate with one another and it has improved efficiency. The Tait system has improved the way that we work and the way we communicate with our employees."

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