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Dunedin City Council, New Zealand

The Dunedin City Council (DCC) provides cost-effective services to enhance the Dunedin community and its environment. The council is responsible for many activities that assist in serving the community, including the management of Dunedin’s water and waste.

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Dunedin City Council, New Zealand

"We are highly satisfied with the performance of the system and we have received very good feedback."

Gerard McCombie


The council needed an upgrade of the water and waste telemetry system in the Dunedin region to improve the systems reliability. The old equipment had become difficult to replace, making the system vulnerable if equipment failed.

If multiplexers failed, access was prevented to both the waste and water telemetry systems. The water management system measures river and bore intakes, pipe flow, reservoir levels, pumping stations and treatment plants’ quality data. This water quality is measured, and must meet the Ministry of Health (MOH) standards at all times. To meet these high standards, and those of the Otago Regional Council, the DCC must comply with resource consents which govern the quantity of water taken from rivers and bores.


Tait exclusive dealer Communications Specialists designed a radio communications system using TB7100 base stations, based at four sites: Seacliff, Mihiwaka, Rotary Park and Saddle Hill. The sites link to more than 160 outstations using other Tait equipment, which report back to the main station. Each site has a parallel system - one for water and one for waste management. In the upgraded telemetry system, the water and waste systems work completely independently.

This means the network is more reliable, because if there is a problem with one service (such as water) the other is not affected. The telemetry system enables continuous monitoring of the quality and quantity of the water and waste flows. If a problem arises it can be identified early and fixed promptly. The council can also identify emerging problems and take corrective actions before they occur, saving them time and providing the Dunedin community with better customer service.


The TB7100 base station is the ideal solution for telemetry services because it has high speed data rates up to 19.2kbps (wideband) and 12kbps (narrowband). It can be configured as a data repeater or RF modem, and is fully compatible with the Tait TM8000 range of mobile radio equipment.

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