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Camp Blanding Joint Training Center, FL, USA

Camp Blanding Joint Training Center (CBJTC) is the Florida National Guard's premier training site in North-Central Florida. The 73,000-acre post provides resources to enhance joint, interagency, intergovernmental and multinational training in support of the United States, state and local communities.

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Camp Blanding Joint Training Center - Florida National Guard

"The Tait system is user-friendly, and remains consistent and reliable across a 73,000 acre installation"

CPT Robert Cater


CBJTC’s radio network, which supported range control, combat simulation training and base administrative operations, had been built over several years when budgets permitted. The system was unreliable, did not provide coverage over the entire training area, and had no single point of contact for repairs or service when total failures occurred. The portable and mobile radios were also not rugged enough for outdoor military operations and required replacement repeatedly.


Tait worked with the local Tait channel partner On-Site Communications and Florida National Guard staff to determine the mission requirements for their range safety, training and garrison communications. Their three sites were surveyed and existing assets were documented. An ideal end state was agreed upon by all Guard stake-holders that met all of their mission requirements. The Guard’s budget did not permit all of the work to be completed in the first year, so Tait offered a series of phased implementations, one for each fiscal year to ultimately reach the ideal end state as budgets allowed.


Tait, together with channel partner On Site Communications, deployed one P25 channel at a time on the Camp’s three RF tower sites. The Guard improved their tower connectivity by replacing 15 year old microwave radios with fiber and then hardened their tower sites. In the next phase the second year, Tait added an APCO P25 Digital Fixed Station (DFSI) Ethernet connected Omnitronics dispatch command system and Eventide logging recorder. The aviation radio was connected to the console system which allowed range control to patch them directly to range control as needed.

The system is now at three VHF P25 conventional channels, providing coverage across the training area and for many miles off-base in all directions. Additional users easily join the network each year, and the system has reliably met the Guard’s training mission for over five years.

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