Nicholas Dollin


Senior Design Engineer


Bachelor of Engineering with Honours (Electrical and Computer Engineering)

University of Canterbury, 2000


In February 2000 I joined Tait Electronics as a Junior Design Engineer, fresh from university. Since then Tait has helped develop my career and I am now an experienced Senior RF Hardware Engineer.

During my career I have developed products for the company's three key ranges: base stations, mobiles and portables. The breadth of product experience gained is one of the key reasons I enjoy working at Tait. As a Senior Designer I have come full circle and now am taking my turn at mentoring junior designers. This is a rewarding part of my job in which I find I am learning new things every day too!.

For me, the technical challenge of integrating the latest technology into Tait products continues as one of the most satisfying aspects of my job. Tait has given me the opportunity to engage in both software and hardware aspects of product development and I am currently gaining valuable experience and knowledge spanning both the analogue and digital hardware domains.

At Tait I continue to have the opportunity to challenge myself and develop my personal goals and gain technical achievements.