Maung Shein


Junior Design Engineer


Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) (Electrical and Electronic Engineering)

University of Canterbury, 2006


I started working for Tait in one of its summer projects in 2005 and then again in 2006. Despite the short duration I enjoyed it and became interested in persuing a working life at Tait. I graduated from University of Canterbury in 2006 and joined Tait.

I am working in a digital signal processing group for infrastructure products. It is a great team and people are very friendly, smart and helpful. In this working environment, I started to feel like I am already part of "this family" in no time. Surely, it has been a steep learning curve between my study and working life but my manager, mentor and colleagues make it smoother and easier for me to climb up by giving me care and correct guidance.

Recently, Tait introduces Junior Designer Engineer Education Program (JDEEP), which further helps new graduates and employees to learn and adapt the ways the company does things more rapidly. Without this program, I would not have better appreciation of interactions between different disciplines, and deeper knowledge of Tait's products in such a short period. Besides, we, JDEEP members, organise and enjoy social activities such as Mini-golf, Go Kart and other in/outdoor events.

Working for Tait is rewarding for me. "The day I joined Tait still seems like yesterday." I have been given a few challenging projects and Tait has rewarded my hard work and contributions. Tait also encourages its employees to reach their personal goals and help them to achieve. Currently, Tait is supporting me to do my postgraduate study.

At Tait, your career is driven by you but not the other way around, I believe and I also believe that Tait is a renowned company in its field, full of great opportunities.