George Stirling


Software Design Engineer


Bachelor of Engineering with Honours (Electrical and Electronic Engineering) University of Canterbury, 2006

Bachelor of Commerce (Management Science) University of Canterbury 2008


I joined Tait Electronics as a Junior Software Design Engineer, in July 2006. Since then I have been given a range of opportunities to apply the many of the skills I learnt while studying at the University of Canterbury.

I have been a member of Tait's Junior Design Engineer Education Programme (JDEEP)since joining Tait. This programme has been very valuable and has helped to smooth the transition from university student to professional engineer. The JDEEP programme is a great example of how Tait invests in its Junior Designers. It has given me a broad appreciation of all the disciplines that contribute to product development. The course has also been a lot of fun with team building activities and social events and a great way to meet other like-minded people of a similar age.

In the short time I have been with Tait I have been provided with excellent opportunities to advance my knowledge and skill base through various internal and external courses.At Tait I have constantly been given challenging and fun projects, currently I am co-designing part of the air interface to one of Tait's new digital mobile radio products.

But working at Tait is more than just a job. There are lunchtime department sports activities such as Soccer and Touch Rubgy, and the Tait Social club organise many fun events and activities. Tait even provided me with support when I represented NZ at the World Triathlon Championships last year.