Core Values

At Tait, our core values guide not only how we interact with our customers, but how we interact with each other. We listen to each other, we challenge ourselves to do better, and we keep our promises. Combined, our values shape the way we operate, and this in turn shapes our reputation as a global leader in communication solutions.

Commitment to Listen

Commitment to Listen

Whether it’s our customers or our colleagues, we take the time to identify what the issue is, we are open to exploring new possibilities, and we work together to find long term, sustainable solutions.

Courage to Act

Courage to Act

We lead by example. We aren’t afraid to take risks and push boundaries in our work in order to obtain the best outcome and exceed expectations.

Integrity to Deliver

Integrity to Deliver

We do what we say we’ll do, when we say we’ll do it. We are open and honest in our dealings and in doing so we thrive on a culture of trust and mutual respect.

Committed to

Employee Recognition

We believe in giving you the opportunity to be your best self. That’s why we’re committed to offering you opportunities to grow and develop throughout your career with us, and recognizing you when you do great work.

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In Our Communities

Tait Communications is committed to helping create better, safer and more resilient communities.

Tait's founder, Sir Angus Tait, aimed to "create an industry, not a business". The charitable foundation which is the principal shareholder of Tait Communications is charged with supporting education.

The commercial company helps pursue Sir Angus's vision by supporting various industry organizations.

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Diversity and Inclusion

At Tait, we understand the importance of creating an inclusive environment that encourages diversity of all kinds, at all levels. We know talent can be found in all walks of life, regardless of factors such as gender, nationality, ethnicity, socioeconomic status or sexual orientation. Our people represent over 40 different nationalities.

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Health and Safety

Our people are the company’s most important assets, and ensuring their health and safety is paramount to providing a positive and productive working environment.

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We are committed to providing a high quality service in every aspect of our operations, and continually seek ways in which we can improve.

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We appreciate both the importance of innovative progression, and the importance of environmental responsibility. We strive to find the best means to achieving both in our fast-paced world.

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