Tait Analog Simulcast over IP

The Tait AS-IP solution, available exclusively from Harris in North America, offers Public Safety agencies the best P25 migration path. If you aren't ready to go digital today, but plan to in the future, then this solution is perfect for your organization. Discover more benefits below:

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Tait Analog Simulcast over IP

Simpler Install

Historically, simulcast networks have been notoriously difficult to build and sync correctly. But at Tait, we took several steps to ensure the transition to AS-IP would be as quick and painless as possible for our customers.

We removed the need for a 3rd party voter, simplifying initial set up by reducing the equipment required for a typical analogue simulcast network. It has saved significant rack space (67% in many cases) and power consumption, and led to greater system reliability through having fewer points of failure.

Another major set up challenge with simulcast is tuning, you need every tower to be synced properly for it to work. If it isn't tuned perfectly, then reception will be erratic. Even a microsecond of difference can ruin the signal.

Tuning an analog simulcast network used to be a real challenge, but our new transmitter design removes all tuning and equalization. Syncing the different towers happens instantly through IP connectivity and internal GPS. This results in an easier set-up, less user-training, and better audio quality.

Redundant and Reliable

Voting is key to effective simulcast networks and ensures that each radio user gets the best possible reception.

Every Taitnet AS-IP system has a primary central voting site. Customers can select a second voter license for a back up site, providing unparalleled voting redundancy. Should voting on the central site fail for any reason, it is automatically detected and the back-up site voter will seamlessly take over. The back-up site is pre-determined by the system engineer, ensuring voting is transferred to the most robust site available.

Taitnet AS-IP allows you to ensure your people always have the best possible reception and that your network continues working, especially during emergencies.

"Tait Communications offers good quality and reliable equipment with great backup and support."
Communications Technician, State Government

P25 Capable

Taitnet AS-IP provides the best migration to P25 story available today.

Technology is always changing, and at Tait, we want our customers to know they're choosing a flexible, future proof system that protects their initial investment. For many public safety agencies, P25 is the next logical step. We decided to build the AS-IP solution based on the same P25 architecture that Tait Public Safety customers have come to know and trust.

That means that upgrading has never been simpler. Imagine it's 2 or 3 years down the road, and your organization decides to upgrade to P25. You can upgrade your entire network and all 9400 terminals in your fleet to P25 remotely. All you'll need to do is add new feature licenses. It just doesn't get any easier.

There are several options for the future as well. The 9400 series from Tait is capable of operating in AS-IP, P25 Phase 1 (Conventional LSM or Trunked) or P25 Phase 2 TDMA. You can future-proof your radio network by choosing Tait AS-IP.

"We're starting off with analog simulcast. We could go to P25 simulcast and then we could go to P25 Phase 2 Trunking if we want and we still don't have to make any more investment in our infrastructure. It's already there."
Matthew Gay, Madison County Maintenance Manager

Remote Access

Comprehensive remote monitoring, diagnostics, and firmware upgrades mean maintenance has never been easier. You'll be amazed at how much work you can do on remote sites from your desk.

This is achieved through Tait software and the IP backbone, which interconnects the various elements of the network. It is a dedicated, private wide area network, which can be interfaced via a secure firewall to the organization's LAN.

Each Tait base station can also hold 2 versions of software, making software upgrades, or rollbacks, easy and with minimal interruptions. Avoid site visits and increase productivity with the remote access abilities of Taitnet AS-IP.

"The built-in networking, task programming, and diagnostics features have made maintenance and operation very productive."
Engineer, State & Local Government

Lower TCO

The Tait AS-IP network can accommodate pagers and any analog terminal radio. This vast flexibility of terminal fleets allows users to utilize their existing analog equipment, driving down the total cost of ownership.

Not only that, but the simpler installation and remote maintenance abilities will save you considerable time and operations costs. Your organization can spend less time working on radio systems, and more time protecting your community.

"We feel like we got the absolute best system that we could get. And it was inexpensive. So it's not like it's the best for the money. We feel like we got the best that we could get and it was inexpensive."
Matthew Gay, Madison County Maintenance Manager

Tait Tough

You can't talk about Tait without mentioning Tait Tough. Since AS-IP runs on the Tait Tough 9400 series, you know your hardware will be built to last. Designed and to meet and exceed MIL-STD specifications for reliability, our equipment is tested against standards in temperature, air pressure, humidity, vibration and shock.

But the software is just as tough. Our engineering team has performed thousands and thousands of automated tests to ensure our AS-IP software is world class. And we spent countless man-hours performing field trials, ensuring that Tait analog radios, as well as our competitors' analog radios, perform reliably on our AS-IP system. All this testing gives you confidence that we have built a platform that is resilient and robust.

"In Panola County, we're not real gentle with our equipment. We needed equipment that could take a beating and keep on working. Since we implemented the Tait radios, I've been 100% confident in them…the Tait radios have never failed. We've had zero complaints, everyboday loves them."
Daniel Cole, Panola County, MS, USA


If paging is a vital part of your organization's communications, then you can rest assured they integrate into the Tait AS-IP solution. Not only that, but AS-IP trunking can complement a P25 network by adding an analog simulcast overlay to a P25 trunking solution, allowing analog voice and paging applications or legacy analog radio users such as mutual aid channels.

"We're pleased with the coverage we have now with our pagers and we won't be sacrificing that if we move to P25 with our mobiles in our day-to-day two-way communications."
Chief Eric Turner, Madison County Fire Chief

Coverage and Clarity

Simulcast transmission provides a means of achieving wide-area coverage with multiple transmitters utilizing a single frequency. In simulcast systems, audio is broadcast simultaneously over a number of transmitters on a single frequency. Essentially, each transmitter in the system transmits exactly the same signal, with the same characteristics, at the same time.

Simulcast is spectrally efficient and ideal for organizations that need to accommodate more users on fewer channels. It also offers the peace of mind every radio manager requires, knowing that users can roam between coverage zones with fewer dropped calls and without changing channels.

The Voting software capabilities have also contributed to the excellent audio quality. The voter continuously assembles the best possible audio signal by combining the outputs of all receivers. This ensures that the best-received audio is constantly being selected, enabling the best transmission quality possible. When your users push to talk, they can rest assured knowing that clear audio will connect them.

If you choose to upgrade to P25 LSM in the future, coverage and clarity will only get better.

"Before, you had to look for places where you could talk on a portable. Now I'm looking for places that I can't, and I haven't found any yet."
Matthew Gay, Madison County Maintenance Manager

Client Spotlight: Madison County Fire Department

"The Chief and I were talking the other day and he said, 'If I were going to buy a radio system again tomorrow, I would buy exactly the same thing we have now.' We wouldn't change anything and we feel like we got the absolute best system that we could get."

Matthew Gay

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