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As a private business, Tait continually re-invests heavily in research and development.

In the four decades since the company started, Tait solutions have evolved as customers' needs changed. In the four decades to come, the breakthroughs are sure to continue. Whether addressing refining features, emerging standards or converging technology, the radio-focussed Tait team keeps the customers' needs first and foremost in mind.

Wireless Research Centre

Tait supports the national Wireless Research Centre in New Zealand. This is a new venture which will be an academic centre of excellence intended to investigate new radio technologies.

Visit ICT Innovation Institute website to find out more

MiMOMax Ltd

A sister company to Tait, called MiMOMax Ltd, is at the cutting edge of the emerging Multiple Input/Multiple Output (MiMO) radio technologies which allow large quantities of data to be sent at high speed over wireless networks.

Visit the website of MiMOMax to find out more.

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