Organizational Health & Safety (OSH) Policy

Purpose and Scope

At Tait Communications, our people are the company's most important assets and are key to the success of the company. To guarantee productive working environments for our teams across the world, one of our primary responsibilities is providing a healthy and safe workplace. This policy outlines the guiding health and safety principals for Tait Communications' global organizations.

Key Principles

Tait Communications provides healthy and safe working conditions for all our employees and contractors. We believe these conditions set the foundation for a safe working environment that promotes a safe workplace, safe practices, efficiency and productivity among our global teams.

In accordance with leading practice guidelines, the company is committed to continual improvement in the following:

  • Hazard and risk management
  • Incident management
  • Emergency management
  • Injury management
  • Employee participation and consultation process
  • Continuous improvement in Health & Safety management

At Tait Communications, we focus on managing risks and ensuring compliance with all relevant local occupational health and safety laws and regulations across all our global operations. While policies and guidelines are in place to meet these regulations, we also expect our employees and contractors to take responsbility for health and safety principals in their business planning and their day-to-day activities.

We have a company culture committed to the health and safety of our employees, contractors and visitors, and we continue to improve on it by proactively indentifying and actively managing risks. Our key risks include employee travel, repetitive injuries, hazards associated with designing, manufacturing and servicing of products, deployment of products across global sites. We set and continually review health and safety objectives and targets to aid in continuous improvement in our management of health and safety.

We are committed to leading practice health and safety procedures, maintaining accurate records of all incidents, near misses and hazards. We are committed to inspiring our people, suppliers and customers to create zero harm workplaces and to constantly improving our health and safety performance. We actively participate in early return to work and rehabilitation plans, to help employees transition back to work after illness or injury. We use in-house expertise to communicate, educate and train to improve health and safety awareness.

Our business operations frequently take employees off-site to work with our clients and partners. These may be high-risk environments and we have strict procedures to ensure our employees comply with the on-site occupational health and safety policies stipulated by the client or partner organization, or where these are considered inadequate by the employee, with good practices.

We value our employees' contributions and want to see them safe and well. Promoting a healthy and safe work environment for employees and contractors is important to us, not only because the commitment to health and safety is integral to operational excellence and the integrity of the Tait brand, but because it is the right thing to do.