Environmental Policy

Our Vision:

We recognise the importance of environmental responsibility and strive to find ways to reduce our impact on the environment.

The principals we follow:

We undertake to protect the environment, for current and future generations by minimising the environmental impact of our activities and striving to continually improve our environmental performance.

Our approach is to promote sound environmental management in a technically and financially appropriate way, to be honest and ethical, true to our values and act with integrity.

To support our goal, Tait has focused our attention on these key environmental initiatives:

  • Reduce the energy consumption of our facilities, and products, and support our clients' objectives to do the same.
  • Ensure we comply with environmental legislation and strive to perform better than required when we can.
  • Actively pursue the prevention of pollution by continually monitoring and improving our environmental management system and incorporating environmentally friendly technologies in our infrastructure and products.
  • Minimise the amount of waste we produce. Recycle and reuse materials when we can.

In working towards our chosen objectives, we will do the following:

  • Tait will seek to understand the environmental implications of current and planned activities.
  • Tait will seek to adopt technologies that reduce the company's environmental impacts.
  • Tait will evaluate the environmental impact of any new product developments, over the lifecycle of that product, and seek to maximise the use of recyclable, reusable or renewable materials.
  • Tait will maintain an effective environmental management system.
  • Tait will establish clear environmental targets to measure our performance.
  • Tait will strive to reduce energy consumption and promote the efficient use of energy, materials and natural resources in all business activities.
  • Tait will strive to minimise waste and maximise the reuse or recycling of discarded materials from all business activities.
  • Tait will raise environmental awareness, and provide training, so that employees can effectively contribute towards environmental responsibility.
  • Tait will strive to reduce or eliminate all hazardous substances and technologies used in its products and processes.