Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

Tait Spirit: People – Planet - Purpose

Inspired by our founder, Sir Angus Tait, who saw business profits as an opportunity to help grow communities; Tait Communications continues to embrace social responsibility as a core purpose.

This document outlines the guiding principles for Corporate Social Responsibility at Tait Communications.


Tait Communications sustainability program is built around three pillars:

  • People – our people, the people we work with and the communities we work in depend on us to do the right thing.
  • Planet – we strive to find ways to reduce any negative impact we may have on the environment.
  • Purpose – the reason we exist - to help solve our clients' problems (make communities safer), to contribute to our communities and environment, to contribute to the development of the industry we work in as well as the individual reasons (personal motivations) for why we do what we do.

For us, Corporate Social Responsibility is not about simply complying with legislation and conformance policies. It's about doing the right thing. We want others to see our commitment to 'people, planet, prosperity' as a genuine business proposition and a meaningful commitment to a better world.


Tait colleagues around the world consider people, planet and purpose in our everyday interactions and decision-making. We aspire to be leaders in social responsibility.


We are dedicated to delivering one key company-wide CSR initiative each year and to raising awareness of all CSR activities that Tait is involved in. We ensure that our commitment to this manifesto is global not local.


This manifesto applies to all Tait Communications colleagues.

People (colleagues, clients and communities)

We know that our colleagues want to do the right thing by each other, our clients and our communities. For that reason, we all adhere to our Business Conduct and Code of Ethics.

We are committed to enhancing and promoting workplace diversity. It is said that a person can learn more from someone who is different than from someone who is the same. We believe that having a diverse workforce allows us to draw on a wide range of perspectives that help to drive innovation and competitive advantage. We believe that a diverse workforce not only leads to better business results but also makes Tait Communications a more enjoyable place to work.

We value the communities in which we live and work. Our reputation is important to our brand and to us personally. We recognise the significance of safe and resilient communities and strive to be a responsible partner in the communities in which we operate. We do this by supporting our communities financially and by volunteering our time.

Financially, Tait Communications donates around 35% of its income, after business expenditures and taxes, to charitable causes in New Zealand that align with our business objectives. This is separate from donations made by Tait Foundation and Contel.

Tait colleagues are able to volunteer on company time for approved causes.

Planet (The Environment)

"I believe taking action on our environmental sustainability is vital for New Zealand and the world." – Sir Angus Tait.

Good environmental practices and the impact that our operations have on our environment are of great importance to Tait. We have a strong commitment to adopt responsible practices and aim to leave the planet in a better state than we found it in.


Fundamentally, our clients seek to make their communities safer – so, by extension, that is the purpose that drives us, too.

We exist as an organisation to help solve our clients' problems through the innovative use of critical communications, but, while we may be a technology business, it's the wellbeing and fair treatment of people that sits at the core of everything we do.

The choices we make every day are founded on that ethos: our colleagues, partners, suppliers, clients and communities always get "the best of Tait".

We strongly support our founder's vision "…to create an industry, not just a business", so our social obligations go beyond our own commercial success.

Through the Tait Foundation we're committed to donating a substantial percentage of our profits to charities every year, and people across our organisation regularly make person contributions to good causes all over the world.

For us, our CSR purpose can be explained in five simple terms:

  • We will comply with all relevant laws, regulations and environmental policies in every country in which we operate.
  • No employee will suffer harassment, physical or mental punishment, or any other type of abuse. They will be given adequate safe and healthy working conditions including wages and working hours that comply with relevant local laws and regulations.
  • We will never use or support the use of forced labour or child labour.
  • All goods and services will be supplied in accordance with any quality and safety criteria specified in the relevant contracts and will be safe when used for their original purposes.
  • No illegitimate means will be used to guarantee the supply of goods and services.

We require our suppliers, subcontractors, clients and partners to comply with every aspect of our CSR purpose.

More Information

For more information about our Corporate Social Responsibility Manifesto, contact us.