Our Values

Inspired by our founder, Sir Angus Tait, ​our values drive the way we aim to interact with our customers, employees, and the communities in which we operate. We seek to benefit our customers by providing communication solutions and services that have been successfully designed, manufactured, and deployed. We seek to benefit our employees by providing challenging and rewarding employment. We seek to benefit our communities by helping to generate wealth, support education, and increase the pool of technical and commercial resources.

Tait has three core values. They are:

  1. Commitment to Listen: We know that one size does not fit all. So we listen to your needs and design solutions that enable clear communication, both now and in the future.
  2. Courage to Act: We push technology forward, innovating and experimenting to create communication solutions that exceed your expectations, but not your budget.
  3. Integrity to Deliver what we promise: We don't hide behind contracts or charge hidden fees. We work hard to guarantee your satisfaction, then we stand beside you for the life of your network​.

Organizational Health and Safety

Our people are the company's most important assests, and ensuring their health and safety is paramount to providing a positive and productive working environment. Read our Tait Global Health and Safety (OSH) Policy for a more information.

Tait Communications Global Quality Policy

More details on Tait's Global Quality Policy can be found here.

Tait Communications Environmental Policy

Tait appreciates the combined importance of innovative progression, along with the importance of environmental responsibility. We strive to find the best means of achieving both in our fast-paced world. Read more about how this is realized in our Environmental Policy.

Corporate Social Responsibility

With humble origins, and as a key player on the Global Market, Tait Communications strives to create and achieve enhanced, safer and more resilient communities. Read our Corporate Social Responsibility Policy for a more in depth insight in to how we realize this goal.

Our Causes

Tait Communications is committed to helping create better, safer and stronger communities.

Since 2005, our single shareholder has been a charitable foundation charged with continuing the vision of our founder, Sir Angus Tait, to "create an industry, not a business". This allows us to share every cent of our profit across several investment streams responsible for research and development, regional reinvestment and education. More details about Our Causes can be found here.