Why become a Tait Technology Partner?

The Tait Technology Partner Program provides an established framework for partners to work with Tait to develop integrated communications solutions for our clients. It enables Tait to confidently include our partners’ products and services when we engage with clients.

The program makes it easy for our partners to:

  • access documentation and expertise for integration
  • set up environments to test interoperability
  • receive updates on our product roadmaps and plans

In order to align with our partners to build a solid future together we adopt a category management approach. Dedicated partner product managers provide a single point of contact into Tait and champion our partners, and their products and services. Our partners have involvement in our sales and development processes as well as our future plans.

What do we look for in a Technology Partner?

  • complementary and innovative products and services
  • similar organizational culture and client focus
  • operational excellence and openness

The Tait Technology Partner Program has two tiers

Registered Technology Partners

Registered Technology Partners

Tait Registered Technology Partner status gives you access to information about our platforms to develop your products, order items, request assistance, undertake interoperability testing and complete the integration. The Registered Technology Partner status also gives you the right to use the program branding provided by Tait on your website and other marketing materials.

To become a Registered Technology Partner and take advantage of all the benefits of a Tait partnership, please complete the global partner qualification questionnaire and one of our partnering managers will contact you if you meet the eligibility criteria.

Endorsed Technology Partner

Endorsed Technology Partners

Tait Endorsed Technology Partner status is granted by invitation. Additional benefits afforded to Endorsed Technology Partners include formal product or services accreditation, a reseller agreement, dedicated technical support and joint market planning.

More Information

For further information about the Tait Technology Partner Program, please contact us