Lightweight, Multiband Portable Provides Inter-Agency Cooperation

12th September, Christchurch New Zealand

Tait Communications, a leading provider of critical communications solutions for public safety, utilities and transportation industries, today announced the TP9800 Multiband Portables, the lightest P25 multiband portable radios currently on the market. These rugged portables share the features and form factor of the flagship TP9600 P25 portables, with the addition of multiband capability for communication across multiple radio networks and frequency bands.

Tait previewed the TP9800 Multiband Portables at APCO 2022, in Anaheim California, to overwhelmingly positive feedback. One attendee remarked "This is a game changer." Another commented, "Finally, a lightweight multiband portable." And perhaps the most humbling praise, "Great People. Great Product. This will disrupt the market."

TP9800 Multiband Portable radios can communicate in conventional FM analog mode, P25 Phase 1 Conventional and P25 Phase 1 & 2 Trunking digital modes. They can be configured to operate across one or more bands including VHF, UHF, and 7/800MHz.

Tait Product Manager Bob Shepheard says "Operation is seamless across all configured channels, irrespective of which band they may be on. The radio will scan configured channels on any band."

Bands are not locked, and can be reconfigured, offering agencies flexibility in the radio networks and frequency bands they utilize. The TP9800 Multiband retains the rugged build quality, loud, clear audio, color screen and dual mic active noise cancellation, characteristic of contemporary Tait P25 portables. The new portable also retains compatibility with the range of Tait audio accessories, batteries, chargers, and software.

TP9800 Multiband Portables are now available to order. Contact your local Tait representative or see the product page for more information.

TP9800 Multiband P25 Portables, the lightest P25 multiband portable radios currently on the market

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