Investment could mean shorter power cuts in rural spots

March, 4th, 2022

New investment in a state-of-the-art communications system could help cut the length of power cuts in rural areas in the North West.

Electricity North West, the region's power network operator, is investing more than £1m to roll out new technology which could transform the way the network handles power cuts.

The network operator will use radio signals to help communicate with equipment across the 35,000 miles of underground cables and overhead lines that make up the region's network. The new system will enable engineers to remotely control more equipment, fixing power cuts without having to send engineers to site.

As well as providing better visibility and control of remote equipment, engineers will be able to use the new network for voice and data calls, enabling teams to speak and share information, during both routine and emergency situations.

Investment could mean shorter power cuts in rural spots

The new Tait GridLink solution is expected to improve reliability and functionality on the North West's power network, particularly in extremely rural areas.

Mark Crane, head of telecoms at Electricity North West said: "As the electricity network develops and we all become more reliant on power, we need to make sure that we improve our telecommunications systems too so that we can continue to provide some of the best reliability in the UK and the world.

"We will incorporate this new technology into hundreds of locations throughout the Electricity North West electricity region, benefiting many thousands of people and businesses. We're delighted to be partnering with Tait to deliver this solution."

The Tait Communications Solution will enable Electricity North West to achieve efficient coverage utilising existing Joint Radio Company VHF radio channels already used for voice and data communication. This enables the reuse of existing network infrastructure such as radio sites as well as providing wide area coverage costs effectively.

Jamie Bishop, Director of Business Solutions at Tait Communications, added: "The solution delivered by Tait leverages our proven Digital Mobile Radio Network combined with our Tait GridLink application and devices enabling improved grid visibility and control in places that can be hard to reach.

"The Tait GridLink solution is used worldwide by some of the largest global utilities it's great to see this technology now being leveraged in the UK."

David Turner Managing Director of Tait UK and Ireland went on to add: "We are proud to be part of Electricity North West's vision helping to enable a zero carbon future, we look forward to working alongside them and other key players in the North of England and beyond."

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