Telex Radio Dispatch earns Tait Communications’ Endorsed status

7 December 2017 - Houston, USA

Tait Communications congratulates Telex Radio Dispatch on achieving Tait's Endorsed Technology Partner status for its dispatch solutions.

Burnsville, Minnesota-based Telex is a long-standing Tait Communications technology partner. Part of the Bosch Group, Telex manufactures and delivers its dispatch products to customers around the world.

Telex has successfully completed a program of Tait-mandated testing to confirm inter-operability between Tait digital mobile radio networks and Telex dispatch console equipment, software and applications. The program was completed at Tait Communications' North American office in Houston, TX.

Ross Spearman, Tait Communications' Chief Technology Officer, says Tait is pleased Telex accepted its invitation to undertake Endorsed Partner testing.

"Telex shares Tait's commitment to innovation, research and development," Mr. Spearman says. "That shared belief has enabled Telex to develop and maintain compatibility over many years and we now congratulate them on taking this next step and achieving 'endorsed' status. We look forward to many more years of working together to provide solutions which improve our customers' performance and the wellbeing of the communities they serve."

Larry Benedict, Telex Radio Dispatch's Product Manager, says Telex enjoys having the opportunity to work with Tait to further assure its product performs as expected.

"Both Telex and Tait understand that ultimately it's about the customer. That's why Telex values the ability to utilize the extensive test methodology developed by Tait," he says. "Telex understands the need for customers to have confidence that a particular solution will work for them in critical environments and we conduct in-house testing for that purpose. Having the ability to further test using Tait's partner program, and the resulting 'endorsed' status gives customers assurance that the Telex-Tait solution will work for them."

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