Tait first to offer digital Band III in the UK

Tait Europe Ltd, 18th of Sept. 2017

Band III (175-225MHz) was made available for land mobile radio in 1985. Since this time this frequency has only been available in analogue. Tait is now the first to offer DMR equipment in Band III. This offering has two major impacts on the UK radio market.

Firstly, Tait's DMR offering in Band III helps existing users of analogue networks to migrate to proven, reliable Tait DMR right now. Tait DMR systems allow users in that spectrum to enjoy the safety, efficiency, and security benefits of the latest digital radio technology, thus opening the door to the wide range of benefits analogue networks lack.

Secondly, Tait's Band III offering overcomes the spectrum shortage in the UK, especially in urban areas, where there is high competition for very limited spectrum. Organisations who have previously been unable to license new DMR networks can now enjoy the benefits of digital radio with the additional frequency offered by Band III. With Tait, they now have the space to build their network and grow their organisation.

Tait offers a comprehensive, flexible, cost-efficient DMR solution with a clear migration path, so that upgrading an existing MPT trunked system to digital is a painless process. Maintaining existing RF systems protects investments in analogue networks done by their operators before.

The Tait DMR Band III solution is based on the standard Tait 9300 series, comprising DMR products which adhere to the DMR Association's open standards, ensuring interoperability with other compliant equipment. It is a tried-and-tested solution, providing a range of deployment options and supporting a great variety of existing partner applications.

"Our digital Band III offering addresses all organizations who face the need for new radio systems in highly congested areas for on-site and wide area networks and also those who want to unlock the power of a digital radio system. Among them, especially bus companies, taxi operators, and councils as well as security service providers and building operators, will benefit the most," explains Jamie Bishop, Marketing Director Tait EMEA.

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