Tait redefining the boundaries of critical communications at IWCE

Friday, 18 March, 2016 – Houston, USA

When the safety of your people is key, organizations want to be sure that their critical communications infrastructure is a cut above.

This year, at the 2016 International Wireless Communications Expo (IWCE) in Las Vegas, Tait communications will be showcasing the latest innovations that expand the boundaries of the critical communications industry.

Creating convergence solutions, which seamlessly combine smart devices running on LTE with secure and interoperable DMR and P25, has been at the forefront of the Tait's innovation focus. Tait will be demonstrating Tait Unified Solutions including PTToC Solution and Tait UnifiedVehicle at IWCE this year.

"Tait PTToC Solution is a scalable, secure, push-to-talk application that bridges the gap between LMR, LTE and WiFi," says Bruce Mazza, VP Solutions at Tait Communication. "Organizations want to complement their mission critical LMR system by providing non-critical users instant group communications and messaging from smart devices. Tait is going beyond with innovations that will take convergence to improve operational continuity and simplicity for front line users."

In Booth #1545, Tait will be demonstrating the future capability for PTToC Solution to seamlessly hand-over between LMR, LTE including Band 14 and WiFi without any disruption even mid-call. This capability allows our customers to fill black spots, extend capacity and improve the resiliency of their critical communications. This ultimately leads to a safer environment for their people on the ground.

A PTToC Solution provides a secure Andriod or iOS push-to-talk application delivered through premise or cloud based service. It also provides tight integration with LMR through open standard P25 ISSI or DMR AIS gateways with advanced features like emergency calls, console integration and shared location services.

"We have been a user of the Tait PTToC Solution platform since its inception. Since then, we have expanded its use to the fire departments and EMS services in the county. The EMS provider is so impressed they are using it as their primary method of communication as they provide EMS services in cities and towns spanning two states. The service has been operational 100% of the time, and has been as reliable as our LMR system. We are elated about the ease of use and functionality of the product." said Robert A. Stolz, ENP, Deputy Grant County Sheriff's Office.

Tait UnifiedVehicle, will enable rapid application development environment and connectivity to a growing range of commercially-available devices, such as smart phones, tablets or laptops in and around a vehicle to wirelessly communicate using WiFi, Bluetooth or Cellular.

"We are developing an intelligent computing module that can be easily added to our mobile radios to integrate with applications and extend them into the broadband world," said Mazza. Applications on display include OTAP over WiFi, instant record and playback, and a vehicle extender mode to control the mobile radio from the PTToC Solution application.

Tait partnered with SLA Corporation, whose ESChat product is a industry leading push-to-talk technology. Tait was able to leverage the ESChat engine and SDKs within its PTToC Solution platform, which provides PTT over broadband and is also integrated via ISSI and AIS to Tait's P25 and DMR products.

"We are pleased to be partnered with Tait to deliver secure broadband PTT with a full featured integration to P25 and DMR radio networks," commented Josh Lober, CEO of SLA Corporation. "In its PTToC Solution platform, Tait has developed a compelling approach to solve the problem that exists for users transitioning between LMR and broadband technologies."

Both products will be on display at Tait's booth #1545 at IWCE and experts will be on hand to demonstrate some of the functionalities available.

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