Tait and ETC team up to offer 4-channel SIP Radio Remote Console

Friday, 8 July, 2016 – Christchurch, New Zealand

Christchurch, New Zealand (July 8, 2016) — Tait Communications, a leading supplier of critical land mobile radio (LMR) communications systems, has partnered with ETC, a push-to-talk desktop hardware maker, to offer a smart and cost-efficient remote console for radio networks.

ETC's CS-74 compact desktop console allows simultaneous monitoring and push-to-talk on up to four radio channels, using session initiation protocol (SIP). Tait has put the equipment through a comprehensive testing program to ensure it integrates with Tait's MTP-IP and DMR networks over IP. As a result, the ETC console solution has now been added to the roster of third-party technologies that Tait endorses.

Tait Partner Products Manager, Ellery Hurn, says ETC's CS-74 console fills a number of customer requirements.

"The most obvious use is providing cost-effective monitoring and access into the network from points which will not have as-heavy use but which are nonetheless critical," Ellery says.

"That may be a mobile unit which at times serves as a temporary center of operations, or on the desk of someone whose main interest is in knowing what's happening and at times may need to talk, or rooms separate from the comms center which are set up to play a role in emergencies and need to be connected," Ellery says.

"Other customers have critical network set-ups where there may only be one person at the center on some shifts and it's obvious that individual cannot be at the main desk for every second of the shift, so the customer might elect to install a console in the lunch room.

"In all these cases the CS-74 provides an affordable solution. It requires only a single Ethernet cable for all four talk paths and power so is easy to install, set up and support. And like Tait, ETC's expertise is in mission-critical communications solutions, so they understand the absolute need to deliver solutions that work every time."

ETC President, David Harding, says, "It is impressive to see how committed Tait Communications is to adding value to their client base through their Partner Program. While the CS-74 may be small, it was however specifically designed to offer quick and easy PTT voice access to larger radio networks."

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