SLA, Tait and Avtec announce availability of advanced integration including ESChat LTE Push to Talk, P25 Radio and Local Dispatch components

Thursday, 17 March, 2016 – Christchurch, New Zealand

Leveraging the ISSI and CSSI interfaces, Tait, Avtec and ESChat will be demonstrating the fully interoperable P25 network at IWCE 2016 in Las Vegas, NV.

SLA Corporation, Tait Radio and Avtec Inc. have teamed up to demonstrate advanced P25 system integration at IWCE in Las Vegas Nevada on March 23 and 24, 2016. The demonstrations will include a Tait P25 radio network integrated with ESChat's full featured PTT over LTE via ISSI and Avtec's Scout™ Dispatch Console via CSSI.

As public safety agencies begin the process of augmenting their LMR networks and/or transitioning towards LTE based Push to Talk communication, integration will play a key role in ensuring a smooth transition that requires interoperability between the networks.

"Tait is pleased to be partnered with ESChat to deliver leading convergence solutions," said Bruce Mazza, VP Solutions Management at Tait. "Tait collaborated to deliver the ISSI server-based gateways and developed its Tait TeamPTT solution using the ESChat server and SDKs. "Partnering with ESChat was the obvious choice for Tait since they have a proven, open platform, excellent reputation and innovative features."

ESChat's Inter RF Subsystem Interface (ISSI) to the P25 radio network is available as a service that is hosted locally or in the cloud. This capability provides a software-only interface that does not require an incremental capital investment. The ESChat implementation of the ISSI interface is full featured, and supports multiple call types between the LTE and P25 networks, including Private Calls, Group Calls and Emergency Calls. Systemwide display of radio and LTE device ID's are also supported.

The interface from Avtec's Scout™ console to the P25 RFSS uses standard IP transport as defined in the TIA-102.BACA standard; there are no external controllers or vocoders required. Scout uses the latest AMB E+2 with improved forward error correction (FEC) and noise reduction for excellent audio quality.

"This collaboration between SLA Corporation, Tait and Avtec represents a significant achievement in standards-based interoperability," said Michael Ridge, Avtec director of partnerships and alliances. "In this configuration, the Scout console facilitates full command and control operations from different equipment and systems, without the need for customization. This brings tremendous value to an industry in which flexibility and interoperability are of increasing importance."

"Further enhancing the interoperability experience is ESChat's integrated Location Tracking and Mapping capability," said Josh Lober, President of SLA. "Currently, ESChat users on 3G/4G/WiFi networks can view the real-time location of their ESChat contacts. ESChat is enhancing its ISSI offering so as to include the ability for the ESChat users to also view the location of the P25 radio users. This feature set will provide the most advanced real-time integrated communication and situational awareness platform available."

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