Tait to demonstrate “beyond talk” capabilities at UTC Telecom 2014

Wednesday, May 6 2014, Houston, TX, United States 

Tait Communications, a global leader in the design, delivery and management of critical communication solutions, will showcase innovative solutions, at Utilities Telecom Council (UTC) Telecom 2014, that have the power to change the way utilities operate.

At the UTC event in Phoenix, AZ, from May 6-9, Tait will demonstrate distribution automation across a trunked DMR network – a solution that gives utilities the ability to control their network remotely. 

Bill Fillman, Tait VP Market Development & Solutions Engineering, says that DMR Tier 3 is opening up a world of possibilities for utilities with the reliable delivery of mission critical voice and SCADA over a common network. "Distribution automation is an essential tool for utilities. 

Imagine the next time a fault occurs on your network, if you could simply flick a switch from the comfort of your control room to get power back online." 

Mr Fillman adds: "Early adopters of DMR Tier 3 are already beginning to capitalize on efficiencies derived from their digital communications system and are starting to see how it will change the way they carry out their day-to-day operations, in a positive way." 

DMR Tier 3 is not limited to organizations operating on a large scale. Tait will also showcase their fit-for-size DMR Tier 3 solutions - DMR Access & Express. DMR Access is a single-site trunking solution with up to four RF channels. DMR Express is a scalable solution from one to six sites with a single node and up to 24 RF channels. 

Attendees will also be able to see first-hand the Tait Enable suite of network and fleet management tools, which have been designed to empower utilities to take control of their network and fleet management. And on display at the Tait stand will be the famous Tait Tough terminals including the latest Intrinsically Safe portables. 

Tait partners Cisco and Zetron will be on-hand to demonstrate their integrated Tait solutions including next generation dispatch consoles and push-to-talk communications over broadband. 

Mr Fillman says: "We see a realm of possibilities for integrating LMR with other technology platforms that will serve to enhance utilities' ability to deliver reliable service to their customers. We are working closely with partners, like Cisco and Zetron, to ensure that Tait is at the forefront in delivering these enhancements to our clients." 

Bill Fillman will join Cisco's Dan O'Malley and PG&E's Tim Thomas in a discussion about Next-Generation radio networks for mission critical communications. 

Lessons Learned: Using Next-Generation Radio Networks for Mission-Critical Communications
The tragic pipeline explosion in San Bruno, California illustrated how imperative secure communications are when lives are at stake. PG&E's innovative radio network combines Land Mobile Radio and enterprise telephony with a powerful console system. Field crews now dispatch operators with one-key priority connectivity. Dispatchers can route calls efficiently to resolve situations quickly. Panelists discuss which events require mission-critical communications, why this system was chosen, and lessons learned.

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