Tait Enable: A new era for network and fleet management

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Tait Communications has released Tait Enable, a suite of management tools and middleware that offers a game-changing solution for network and fleet management. 

Arjen Maarleveld, Tait Communications' Chief Operating Officer, says that the fully integrated Tait Enable suite will empower clients to manage their terminal fleet and extend and improve the capability, security and efficiency of their P25, DMR and MPT-IP networks. 

"The Tait Enable suite has been developed to help clients optimize the performance of their networks and make it easier to manage their radio fleet and ensure secure communications. The methodology and tools are consistent with those used in the IT domain and can be extended to operate in a unified critical communications environment. Tait Enable will help solve some of the most significant challenges that public safety agencies and utilities companies face today." 

The Tait Enable suite of products includes: 

  • EnableFleet – Configure and manage a radio fleet from a central point of control. 
  • EnableMonitor – Real-time network monitoring that enables the user to minimize impact when problems occur.
  • EnableReport – Sophisticated reporting capabilities that provide vital information for network optimization. 
  • EnableProtect – Comprehensive encryption and security management including: 
    • Advanced System Key – Provides layers of security so the user can define who can access different parts of the radio network. 
    • Key Management Facility – Centralizes key management with standards compliant Over the Air Rekeying (OTAR). 
    • Key Fill Device – For in-field radio encryption. 

Mr Maarleveld says the Tait Enable suite elements are designed to work together for a complete end-to-end solution but clients can also take advantage of the interoperability of the product suite and integrate individual products with their existing systems. 

"The Tait Enable suite is highly integrated and standards compliant. Whether you're a public safety organization looking for Over the Air Programming (OTAP) to improve your radio fleet management or a utilities company looking for immediate notification when problems occur on your network, Tait Enable can help and Tait will work with you to decide on the best solution for you." 

Tait Communications will showcase the Tait Enable product suite at the upcoming International Wireless Communications Expo (IWCE), which is taking place in Las Vegas from March 24-28. 

Mr Maarleveld says, "The Tait Enable suite is in the market today; a number of our clients are already realizing the benefits of greater control over their networks and advanced fleet management. We will continue to enhance and extend this product offering to meet the needs of our clients."

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