Tait demonstrates unified critical communications at APCO 2014

Thursday 31 July, 2014

Houston, TX, USA: Global leader in the design, delivery and management of critical communication solutions, Tait Communications will demonstrate its expertise in unified mission critical communications at APCO International's 80th Annual Conference and Expo, which takes place from August 3-6 in New Orleans, LA.

Tait Solutions Marketing Manager, Dr. Russell Watson says that Tait has recognized the challenge facing public safety agencies to leverage multiple network and multi-vendor solutions to enhance safety and drive operational efficiencies.

"Unified communications is not a new concept for the Information Technology (IT) sector but we now have the means and capabilities to develop solutions for mission-critical communications that integrate radio, cellular and IP technologies. Unified critical communications allows agencies to derive more value and resiliency from their communication solutions," says Watson.

"For instance, the Unified Voice solution we will demonstrate at APCO is an innovative push-to-talk (PTT) device that switches seamlessly between cellular and radio networks. It looks just like the PTT device officers use today but eliminates the need to carry a smart device to communicate when outside radio coverage. Likewise, police who do not normally carry radios can communicate over the radio network on their smart device."

Tait will demonstrate Unified Voice at Booth 1719 at the APCO Annual Conference and Expo on August 4-5. Tait Endorsed Technology Partners Avtec, Zetron and Cisco will also be at Tait's Unifying Critical Communications exhibition. Avtec's ScoutTM dispatch console is interoperability certified with Tait's DMR and P25 networks. Zetron will showcase their Acom console, which is also now certified on both DMR and P25 networks with Tait. Cisco's IP Interoperability and Collaboration System (IPICS) will be demonstrated alongside Tait's Unified Voice solution.

Watson says: "As part of our vision to unify critical communications for public safety and emergency services agencies, Tait guarantees that our products are open-standards-based and undertakes formal interoperability certification with our partners to give you the assurance that we mean what we say. It doesn't matter if it's a Tait radio operating on a Cassidian Network or an Avtec console on a Tait network, the end user experience is seamless."

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