Tait Communications launches P25 Phase 2 at APCO 2014

Monday 4 August, 2014

Houston, TX, USA: Global leader in the design, deployment and management of critical communications systems, Tait Communications will debut its P25 Phase 2 solution at APCO International's 80th Annual Convention and Expo being held in New Orleans, Louisiana from August 3-6, 2014.

Tait's Vice President, Solutions Engineering and Marketing, Bill Fillman says that Tait is proud to offer public safety agencies an additional choice in the P25 Phase 2 market.

"We're thrilled to now offer a world-class, open-standards-based P25 Phase 2 solution. P25 open-standards-based solutions give public safety agencies the freedom to implement multi-vendor solutions and the assurance that their equipment and infrastructure will be interoperable with other P25-compliant suppliers," says Fillman.

P25 Phase 2 offers public safety agencies enhanced spectral efficiency with double the number of talk paths compared to Phase 1.

Tait's Phase 2 solution comprises of Tait's TN9400 infrastructure, TB9400 base station/repeater and TP9400 terminals.

Fillman says that a P25 Phase 2 solution would suit public safety agencies needing increased capacity on existing spectrum or those using 700MHz frequency networks that need to upgrade to Phase 2 to comply with FCC regulations.

"The spectral efficiency of P25 Phase 2 can help public safety agencies future proof themselves against changes in regulatory and operational requirements. In addition, P25 Phase 2 provides all the benefits that you'd expect from a digital solution including enhanced voice quality and data capabilities for encryption, location services and Over the Air Programing (OTAP) that can help to improve worker safety and drive operational efficiencies," says Fillman.

Tait will showcase its P25 Phase 2 solution at Booth 1719 at the APCO Annual Conference and Expo on August 4-5. Tait will demonstrate Phase 2 voice calls as well as dynamic switching between Phase 1 and Phase 2 systems. Visitors to the Tait booth can also learn about the interoperability of the P25 CSSI console interface with Cisco's IPICS and Avtec's ScoutTM console systems. Zetron's Acom console will link to the Zetron booth down the hall from the Tait booth.

Tait will also demonstrate its expertise in unifying critical communications with Tait TeamPTT solution, which is an innovative push-to-talk device that integrates cellular and radio technologies for enhanced one-touch communications.

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