Tait Communications – a hand-in-hand partner with Jim Wells County

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Nearly two years on and the partnership between Tait Communications and Jim Wells County is stronger than ever. 

When Jim Wells County (the County), an expansive county in South Texas and home to more than 40,000 citizens, first met Tait, they faced the threat of an outdated analog radio communications system that was unreliable and endangering the lives of the County's law enforcement and emergency responders. 

Tait committed to understanding the issues the County faced – a unique geography, limited funds, dated equipment and a tight schedule and delivered a three-site hybrid P25 digital and analog simulcast system. The Tait solution is now helping the County's 400 law enforcement and emergency response agencies operate more effectively and safely. 

"As we moved along through the consulting stages of this program, Tait took the time to find out exactly what we needed. Now, when we push to talk, our people know that they'll be heard from the north end of the county to the south end of the county," says Lynn Kirchoff, the County's Communications Liaison Officer. 

"Utilizing the Tait solution, we're able to provide much better service to the people of Jim Wells County. And our law enforcement agencies and fire departments all agree that we are much safer now," Mr Kirchoff added. 

During the implementation of the system, it was Tait that Jim Wells County turned to when they needed to solve an issue that threatened the project's success. 

"When we faced a significant challenge at the end of the project implementation, it was Tait that identified the problem and found a way to fix it. It wasn't their issue but they weren't going to leave us and we worked together as a team until the problem was solved. I can't say enough about the Tait people and how they hung in there with us," says Jim Wells County Judge Arnoldo Saenz. 

The deal with Tait included a three year maintenance contract for the County's critical communications system. Now, that the implementation phase is over, Tait is working side-by-side with the County further advancing their communications system and providing around-the-clock technical support. 

"Whenever we have an issue, we simply call Tait and within a couple of minutes somebody is there. They look for a solution and they find a solution. We're very satisfied with the support we receive. Tait have gone far beyond what we required and expected," says Mr Kirchoff. 

The interoperability of the Tait solution is delivering additional benefits for the County. Along with the county's EMS, Fire, Police and Sheriff Departments, Texas State Troopers can also access the communications system enabling local and state agencies to work more closely together. Tait was able to utilize existing infrastructure such as antennas, wiring and towers and make use of the County's existing portables to save critical funds. 

"Choosing Tait to develop our critical communications system was probably one of the best moves that Jim Wells County has made for a long time. We've become not only friends, but we're hand-in-hand partners," says Judge Saenz. 

Bill Fillman, Vice-President of Market Development and Solutions Engineering, Tait Communications Americas, says: "We're delighted to provide Jim Wells County - part of our Texas community - with a solution that exceeds their expectations. The partnership that has developed over the past few years is exemplary and we will continue to support the County in the future." 

About the Jim Wells County critical communications solution
The solution Tait developed for Jim Wells County is a three-site hybrid P25 digital simulcast and QS² analog simulcast system. The solution features Tait base stations, repeaters and three year maintenance contract.

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