Tait certifies Total Recall VR on its DMR network

Friday 15 August, 2014

Christchurch, New Zealand: Global critical communications company, Tait Communications, has awarded interoperability certification to Prolancer's Total Recall VR following successful integration testing with its DMR network.

The Prolancer Total Recall VR audio logger and call recording system allows public safety, transportation and government agencies to log and create electronic records of audio communication including telephone, two-way radio and broadcast radio.

The formal integration and testing process that took place at Tait Communication's Christchurch headquarters last month gives clients the assurance that Total Recall VR will operate seamlessly on Tait DMR networks.

Tait Partner Product Manager, Ellery Hurn, says that Prolancer is one of many critical communications companies participating in the company's certification programme.

"Tait and our technology partners are committed to open-standards-based development, giving our clients the freedom and flexibility to implement multi-vendor solutions," says Hurn. "Our formal certification programme demonstrates this shared commitment, removes uncertainty from decision-making and helps clients derive more value from their communications systems."

Total Recall VR Business Development Manager, Nicholas McLean, says that the certified integration with Tait DMR networks demonstrates Prolancer's continuing commitment to the needs of mission-critical clients.

"We are proud to be working with yet another leader in mission critical and public safety communications to provide the best solutions for our channel partners and clients. Tait interoperability certification assures clients of the seamless integration between Total Recall VR and Tait DMR networks – saving time and money so they can focus on saving lives."

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