Tait and Avtec make multi-vendor solutions a reality in Panola County

Friday 1 August, 2014

Houston, TX, USA: Global critical communication solutions provider, Tait Communications has successfully integrated its P25 9400 terminals with the Mississippi Wireless Integrated Network (MSWIN) system for Panola County.

Approximately 400 Tait 9400 portables and mobiles along with Avtec's Scout™ dispatch consoles now operate seamlessly on the MSWIN system, a P25 700-800MHz trunked system that allows the County to communicate with 27 agencies statewide including the 14 fire and five police departments under Panola County dispatch.

Director of Panola County Emergency Operations, Daniel Cole said, "When the County first joined the MSWIN system we were operating a range of different brand radios and couldn't communicate with one another. It just wasn't safe. So, we did our research, talked to other agencies and found out that the Tait radios had the quality and durability that we were looking for in a radio fleet."

"Now several months since implementing the Tait radios and I'm 100% confident in them. We've had search and rescue events involving several state agencies and the National Guard all communicating on different brands of radio and the Tait radios have never failed. We've had zero complaints, everybody loves them," Mr Cole says.

The Avtec Scout™ dispatch consoles used by Panola County are built on pure IP technology providing the call center with improved reliability in the event of an emergency. The consoles were put to the test during a recent lightning event in the County.

Mr Cole says, "During a lightning strike when everything went down, the Avtec consoles were the only thing that kept going and that's testament to the redundancy that Avtec built into the system."

Scout's fully customizable console screens were also designed to replicate the look of Panola County's Motorola Gold Elite console screens, which minimized training time and made it easier for dispatchers to migrate to the new system.

Mr Cole said that the choice to go with Tait and Avtec also saved the County crucial public funds.

"Initially, the project to upgrade to the statewide system was priced at $1.6 million but we chose to go to market for the radios and dispatch consoles and Tait was able to deliver a solution that met all our requirements and saved us in the neighborhood of $900,000."

Mr Coles adds, "We've been operating with the Tait radios and Avtec dispatch consoles for several months now and we couldn't be happier with their performance and the service we've received is second to none. I would recommend Tait and Avtec to anyone."

Representatives from Tait and Avtec recently visited Panola County to celebrate the successful integration project.

Bill Fillman, Vice-President of Market Development and Solutions Engineering says, "Tait believes in providing communications solutions that offer emergency services agencies freedom, flexibility and choice. This is a significant project for us because it clearly demonstrates that the interoperability of Tait products delivers value, in real terms, to our clients. We're pleased that we've been able to provide Panola County with the equipment they need to operate effectively and at the same time save crucial public funds."

Mike Ridge, Director of Partnerships and Alliances for Avtec adds: "Avtec is delighted to leverage our long-term partnership with Tait to provide the residents of Panola County with a new communications system built on open standards and IP technology. This successful deployment in Panola County reflects our commitment to providing proven, trusted, and reliable communications systems to Avtec's public safety customers."

Panola County currently operates their communications system in Phase 1 mode but will be able to upgrade to Phase 2 using the same Tait 9400 terminals and Avtec Scout™ dispatch consoles when the time comes.

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