Royal Air Force will use Tait secure radio equipment

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Tait Communications, a global leader in the design, delivery and management of critical communication solutions, has been awarded a contract by Petards Group plc (Petards) to provide radio equipment and services to be used by the Royal Air Force (RAF). 

The award forms part of the recent award to Petards for the replacement of the RAF's entire current Secure Management Radio Equipment (SMRE) capability to ensure secure, effective and safe operation at airfield sites. 

The purpose of SMRE is to allow Air Traffic Control at RAF bases to direct the safe movement of vehicles and personnel on the airfield manoeuvring area. It is also used in a secondary role to provide direct communication between Air Traffic Control and those in an airfield support role such as guards, medical personnel, re-fuelling and fire crews. 

"Safety and professionalism are core values for MoD, and reliable communication plays a crucial role in the effectiveness of day-to-day operations for the National Defence", says Hans van der Linde, Managing Director, Tait Europe, Middle East and Africa. 

"Tait is proud to be a member of Petards' team in providing a critical communication solution that supports Royal Air Force in its mission to defend the UK and its interests, strengthen international peace and stability and be a force for good in the world." 

The project, which includes 5000 secure digital portable radios, over 1500 mobiles - deployed in vehicles, as fixed stations and man-portable deployable radios - alongside secure digital infrastructure, will be delivered over the next 15 months. It will be managed through Tait Communication's Europe-Middle East-Africa organization, providing system build configuration, integration and deployment services direct to Petards.

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