P25 Best Practice: The essential 'toolkit' of guides for Public Safety agencies

Monday 10 February 2014

In an industry-first initiative, Tait Communications, a global leader in the design, delivery and management of critical communication solutions, has launched a series of four P25 Best Practice guides providing public safety agencies with a practical framework for evaluating, implementing, and procuring a P25 critical communications system. 

Tait Communications, Americas President, Victor Agnellini, says: "The P25 Best Practice guides are an essential decision support tool for public safety agencies faced with making tough decisions about the future of their critical communications networks. The decision to adopt the digital open-standards-based P25 platform offers public safety agencies many benefits, but it also raises a lot of questions. This set of best practice guides removes a lot of the uncertainty associated with decisions surrounding P25 migration." 

The release of P25 Best Practice represents the culmination of several months of work and extensive industry consultation. Tait hosted three round table discussions among industry stakeholders representing a broad spectrum of public safety agencies ranging from those operating large P25 networks to small rural agencies contemplating an upgrade from analog to digital. 

"The quality of the P25 Best Practice guides is a testament to the positive and open way that participants shared their learnings," says Tait Communications, Senior Director - Global Services Team, Darek Wieczorek, who moderated the round table events held in New Orleans, Washington, D. C., and Lake Tahoe. 

Darek adds: "You honestly can't combine the experience and talent of a group of people like this in discussion without learning something from them. And I was impressed by the insight that they gave into their worlds. If these best practice guides provide readers with a single idea or piece of advice they hadn't considered, then that's success. But I'm confident the guides will offer much more than that." 

Tait created P25 Best Practice to help strategic decision makers as well as those in operational roles in four critical areas: 

1. First steps – Knowing if and when P25 is right for your agency and what you should consider in making that decision. 

2. Implementing your P25 system – An examination of the human and technical aspects that enable a project's success. 

3. Procuring your P25 system – The rules of engagement and knowing what to look for when evaluating proposals. 

4. Specifying your P25 system – Understanding the technology and what best fits your needs. 

The Tait P25 Best Practice guides are freely available to download at www.P25bestpractice.com. Tait Communications has been and is still active on international bodies developing P25, particularly in the area of ensuring interoperability of devices. 

Mr Agnellini confirms that Tait's long-standing commitment to developing solutions built around open standards and interoperability is stronger now than ever before. 

"Our ultimate aim is to provide our clients with greater choice and flexibility so they can implement the system that best suits their needs. Our clients can be confident that a Tait P25 solution is future-proofed in that it can grow and adapt as their needs change."

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