Tait unifying critical communications at APCO 2013

"Unifying critical communications" is the theme underpinning Tait Communications' presence at the upcoming 2013 APCO Conference & Expo in Anaheim, California, August 18–21. Attendees will be able to participate in live demonstrations of new solutions including P25 Phase 2, voice interoperability, broadband communications, remote physiological monitoring, and data interoperability between virtually any application. 

Tait P25 Phase 2 demo
APCO attendees will be able to participate in live P25 Phase 2 demonstrations of Tait's 9400-series Phase 2 solution—incorporating the TN9400 core network, TB9400 base station, TP9400 portable radio and TM9400 mobile radio—at booth #345. 

Tait's Phase 2 solution provides both 12.5kHz P25 Phase 1 FDMA operation and a software upgrade path to 6.25kHz-equivalent P25 Phase 2 TDMA compliance. This means customers can control their transition to a more spectrally efficient solution with greater capacity, future-proofing their investment. 

Tait BioLink
Tait will showcase its new BioLink solution offering to help Public Safety agencies explore how they can improve responder safety through remote physiological monitoring.

Tait BioLink is an advanced vital-signs monitoring solution designed for Public Safety first responders. It employs existing P25 networks to give incident commanders real-time visibility of the well-being of responders during incidents or training exercises. 

"Tait BioLink seamlessly operates with existing mission-critical P25 voice capability to bring back physiological data that will dramatically improve command decision-making during incidents," comments Bruce Mazza, Manager Solution Marketing, Tait Communications. 

"By enabling detailed real-time monitoring of heart and breathing rates, stress levels, low activity, heat-stroke or falls, Tait BioLink can augment health-and-safety procedures, accountability and situational awareness. 

"In the United States, for example, stress and overexertion is responsible for 63 percent of fatalities among firefighters. 

"With the knowledge that their health and safety is being closely monitored in real-time, responders are safer and able to better focus on the completion of their mission," adds Mr Mazza. 

Tait BioLink will carry physiological and life-support-system data from the Zephyr™ BioHarness™ via the Tait 9400 P25 network. 

BioLink provides commanders with a highly intuitive PC interface that gives instant access to responders' physiological data, as well as enabling a wide range of trigger alerts to be set. BioLink also makes available to application developers the same data through the Tait API, allowing vital-signs monitoring to be built into existing applications. 

Tait's co-creation offer allows agencies to purchase a small trial system and then work in partnership with Tait to further develop and expand the solution to meet their specific needs. 

Tait AppStorm
"Collaborate, innovate, create"—AppStorm is a two-day collaboration event at APCO between Tait Communications, partners and clients to explore solutions for emergency responders. 

Together, AppStorm-ers will be developing applications for back-office command and control, front-line mobile devices and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), based on Tait's web-based interfaces. 

Tait partners attending the event include Avtec, Zetron, Omnitronics, Eventide, Exacom, Higher Ground, MCM Technology, and Droidworx. 

AppStorm will be held in the Marriott Grand Ballroom, sections G and H, from 10am to 12pm on Sunday, and 9am to 5pm on Monday and Tuesday, featuring demonstrations at 4pm on both Monday and Tuesday. 

A live video feed of AppStorm will be playing at Tait Communications' booth (#345). Watch out for Tait staff wearing "AppStorm" T-shirts during the APCO Expo, who can show you across to the AppStorm hall. 

Tait partners to highlight advanced interoperability
Representatives from General Dynamics Broadband, Cisco, Avtec and Zetron will be at the Tait booth to demonstrate interoperable solutions surrounding P25, Long-Term Evolution (LTE) private broadband, video, advanced dispatch communications and multimedia interoperability. 

Tait will demonstrate General Dynamics Broadband's latest LTE broadband solution—a rapidly deployable, single-server virtualized core network and e-NodeB—powering a high-definition remote forensics video collaboration application from Tait. 

Cisco will showcase seamless interoperability between IP networks, smart wireless devices, advanced push-to-talk clients, and Tait mission-critical voice solutions, including with video and dispatch, using Cisco's IP Interoperability and Collaboration System (IPICS). 

Avtec's pure-IP Scout™, and Zetron's Acom dispatch consoles will both be demonstrated live with Tait Communications' P25 network, underscoring the reality and simplicity of dispatch solutions built upon genuine open standards. 

For emergency responder vehicles and mobile workforces, Tait will demonstrate connectivity and routing for WiFi Ethernet-based video cameras, laptops, and smart mobile devices and applications through a multi-bearer vehicle gateway. 

This is aimed at improving critical communications and visibility during situations with a wide support team via a choice of private LTE, Public 3G/4G, WiFi, and land-mobile-radio interoperability with Tait's 9400 P25 network. 

Mads Moller, Partner Products Business Manager, Tait Communications, comments: "These demonstrations represent the innovative approach we're taking to supporting our clients' broadband needs by working with best-of-breed partners and seamlessly unifying their critical communications." 

"The multi-bearer vehicle gateway allows for modular installation of private LTE bands, which provides resilient broadband connectivity for the Public Safety sector. It also supports connectivity to commercial networks, so that organizations have the flexibility to choose off-the-shelf devices and leverage existing data supply relationships. 

"Most importantly, it still integrates with P25 mobile equipment, which has proven mission-critical and uncompromising reliability when no high-speed data networks are within reach." 

Key sessions at APCO 2013

Tait AppStorm

Marriott Grand Ballroom, sections G and H
Sunday, August 18, 10am–12pm
Monday and Tuesday, August 19/20, 9am–5pm (demonstrations at 4pm on both days)

P25 Simulcast
Jerry Vargas, Systems Engineer, Tait Communications
Monday, August 19, 1.30–2.00pm

Phase 2 is here, but do I need it?
Scott Skibness, VP Strategic Sales Americas, Tait Communications
Monday, August 19, 3.45–4.45pm

10 steps to migrating your radio network
Bill Fillman, VP Principal Consulting, Tait Communications
Tuesday, August 20, 1.30–2.00pm

Preparing for a natural disaster: Communications in a crisis
Stephen Hill, New Zealand Police
Tuesday, August 20, 1.45–2.45pm 

Migrating to a trunked P25 network: Lessons learned
Dean Hane, Multi-Agency Communications Center, WA
Wednesday, August 21, 2.30–3.30pm